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Shopping Jan.14.2022

Different Types of Men’s Hats: What Are the Hats, and Who Should Wear Them?

Trendy hats for men are one of the main accessories with which men can demonstrate their individuality, emphasize dignity or indicate social status. It is this potential that makes many men buy a headdress that they can wear and show all their charm and brutality. We decided to make you a small men’s hats style...

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Shopping Jan.13.2022

Off-White Launches a Capsule Collection To Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Off-White™ has recently announced the drop of its new collection that is dedicated to the Lunar New Year. The capsule celebrates the Year of the Tiger and features exclusive items available in limited edition. The range is suitable both for men and women, and also offers furnishings and accessories. The collection consists of a T-shirt...

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It's cool! Jan.13.2022

The Full Conversion of the Iconic Porsche 911 GT3 by FRIEDRICH PERFORMANCE

The new appearance of the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 was presented by the tuning company FRIEDRICH PERFORMANCE. And it is no matter that the corporation is not famed as well as its popular competitors, it made huge efforts to show the worthy variant. All the technical characteristics have been changed. The engine power was increased...

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Lifestyle Jan.12.2022

How to Feel Better After a Breakup for Guys? Things to Follow after a Breakup!

Men don’t complain, don’t cry, and don’t suffer from a departed love, so everyone always said so. But external “icy” calmness doesn’t mean that men after a breakup don’t experience and don’t feel pain. It is difficult for men to cope with the loss of a partner, as well as for women, but emotions don’t...

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It's cool! Jan.12.2022

Ten Comedy-Drama Movies You Can Watch on the Netflix Platform This Month

We picked up specially for you a list of ten films to watch on the Netflix platform this month. Discover the comedy dramas that are definitely worth your attention. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles John Hughes knew how to shoot a good film. The filmmaker defined comedy cinema throughout the 1980s period. This film tells a...

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