Where to Go to Enjoy Cigars>
Lifestyle Sep.17.2021

Cigar Smoking Clubs: Where to Go to Enjoy Cigars; Choose the Best Cigar Lounge

Cigar-friendly bars have opened around the world for decades, if not centuries. Some of them are inexpensive, and even, one might say, seedy, while others are luxurious, elite, and their membership is expensive. Cigar clubs began to gain popularity in the mid-1990s. This happened because in many countries smoking bans were introduced in many places...

What to Do When You’re Horny>
Lifestyle Sep.15.2021

What to Do When You’re Horny: Guideline to Know How to Hold Your Tiger In Pants

Feeling aroused is a natural body response that we all know well. All people experience this – even people who claim to be asexual, like Sheldon Cooper. We feel these sexual urges because of our biological impulse to spread our genes. However, sex and masturbation are not always viable or appropriate solutions when your sexual...

Male Icon; Historical Fashion Icons>
Lifestyle Sep.13.2021

What Is a Style Icon: Who Was Called a Male Icon; Historical Fashion Icons

Men’s fashion may not get the same attention as women’s fashion, but there is no doubt that there are a number of actors, rock stars, artists, athletes, and writers whose styles have become literal representations of a generation. The outfits evoke certain moods and feelings; they talk a lot about what the generation wants, how...

Masturbation with Food and Vegetables>
Lifestyle Sep.10.2021

Masturbation with Food and Vegetables: Attention! What Shouldn’t Be Done

Read on for how to indulge yourself with fruit masturbation. Bananas were often used to depict the penis in rude jokes. The phallic shape lends itself to comparison and is often much larger than a man’s real penis. Until recently, the link between sex and fruit ended there. The enterprising young men decided they needed...

Men’s Sleeveless Sweater Vest>
Shopping Sep.08.2021

Men’s Sleeveless Sweater Vest for You: 14 Best Sleeveless Sweater Vest

When it’s already cold in a suit, and you don’t really want to get a woolen coat, this is the time for a man’s sweater vest. Some would perfectly complement a business look, others would fit only for the casual, but the important thing is avoiding a cold. A puffy vest can be worn over...

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