It's cool! Feb.24.2021

Give Me One Pint, Friend – Today the World Celebrating World Bartender Day

The bartender is everyone’s beloved person on an evening celebration, party, or lonely rainy day. They will keep you satisfied by making and serving various drinks, seemingly of a spirituous diversity.  Read also: Sazerac This is your best friend while your footsteps are indoors in a local pub or bar. Well, as long as you...

It's cool! Feb.22.2021

This Monday Is Special: Margarita Day 2021

What day is national Margarita day? It may be difficult to believe, but a cocktail exists that represents the very spirit of joviality, the angel of fun, and the joyful feeling of life at its perfection. You know it because it is present on every menu in the restaurant. That drink is the Margarita!   Happy...

It's cool! Feb.18.2021

Homemade Humidor

Do you like smoking cigars at home but don’t have a special box for storage? You know that such specialized wooden boxes are called humidors and can cost you a lot of money. If you haven’t got much money you can follow one of DIY from the Net to make a homemade humidor. Continue reading...

Lifestyle Feb.16.2021

Sazerac Cocktail Recipe: How to Make a Sazerac Cocktail?

Drops of History What should you know about the history of Sazerac + recipes? Firstly, it hit the world in the early 1838s. Some experts mention even the earlier date (the late-1800s). Secondly, Sazerac is a close relative to the Old Fashioned. Sazerac Co put a trademark on this drink in 1900. Thirdly, it got...

It's cool! Feb.10.2021

Cocktails with Absinthe: What Should You Know About Them?

Dear hard-drink lover! We are here to boom your mind with a new article about cocktails with absinthe! We have gathered the best cocktails ever made! Continue reading to know more about it! We would like to write about cocktails on What Men Like to make you love it even more! Everything depends on your...

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