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10 Best Movies about Pandemics

While most of the people are in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is time to watch a good movie. We’ve compiled a list of thirteen breathtaking and spectacular pandemic movies. You will definitely not regret watching it. Of course, before watching you can watch the pandemic movie trailer first.

Here Are the Best 10 Movies about Pandemic

28 days later

28 Days Later, 2002

The zombie horror film was included in the list of the best British films according to Time Out magazine. The film was directed by Danny Boyle. The highly contagious virus is spreading throughout the UK.

He turns people into zombies, eager to kill all living things. The four survivors are trying to escape. But they need to beware of not only monsters but also other people with not the most honest intentions. This pandemic movie has three alternative endings, which makes it even more interesting.

12 Monkeys, 1995

The sci-fi thriller has received numerous awards, including an Oscar nomination, a Golden Globe statuette, and a Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Movie. Terry Gilliam showed 2035 not too rosy. In the future, five billion inhabitants of the planet died due to an epidemic of an incurable disease.

Those who survived moved to live underground. Bruce Willis’ hero was convicted and sent back in time by the authorities in 1996, the year the pandemic began. But they made a mistake with the date, because of which the main character will have to overcome many dangerous adventures.

Resident Evil, 2002

resident evil

Paul William Scott Anderson filmed a viral movie of the Japanese computer game. The main character Alice loses her memory and finds herself in a secret laboratory that is filled with zombies after a deadly virus has leaked. Now Alice and other heroes must go through the laboratory dungeons and survive.

Dawn of the Dead, 2004

Sixteen years ago, Zach Snyder re-shot the iconic movie about the epidemic by George Romero that was released in 1978. During the zombie apocalypse, the heroes find themselves locked in a shopping center.

At the same time, the monsters are an allusion to the modern socio-political situation.

Shaun of the Dead, 2004

Shaun of the dead

Edgar Wright directed a hilarious comedy that parodies most zombie movies. Just like “Dawn of the Dead”, the film through monsters shows the viewer a society where capitalism has won.

The 1978 original director George Romero praised Wright’s work. She is also in the top 10 favorite films of Quentin Tarantino. This pandemic movie has received many awards in Britain and the most positive reviews around the world.

I am Legend, 2007

In a free-form adaptation of the novel, director Francis Lawrence showed how a virus discovered in a laboratory turns the inhabitants of Earth into vampires. Very interesting endemic movie 2007.

In the center of the plot is a military man who turned out to be the only uninfected person in New York. He spends all his energy trying to invent medicine. And, of course, survive. This post-apocalyptic thriller also has two different endings.

Zombieland, 2009


In a very funny black comedy by Ruben Fleischer, the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse is shown. The main characters travel across the United States of America and fight off monsters.

Despite the abundance of blood, film critics praised “Zombieland”. He has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and 73 on Metacritic. Hilarious pandemic movie 2009 to watch if you still haven’t.

Contagion, 2011

Stephen Soderbergh’s pandemic film shows the beginning and development of a pandemic of an unknown virus. The short incubation period and the increased death make the infection very dangerous. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, together with the World Health Organization, is fighting it with all its might.

But finding a vaccine isn’t easy. Contagion received the largest number of positive reviews due to its reliable portrayal of science. The film was praised for the scenes with the reconstruction of the outbreak, which can accurately predict the number of people infected and dead.

Pandemic, 2016

A terrible virus is on a plant, turning people into mindless and aggressive creatures. Dr. Lauren, as part of a small group, was sent to the city center on a mission to find and rescue uninfected survivors. Probably, one of the best pandemic 2016 movies that were made that year.

Busanhaeng, 2016


This grossing virus movie 2016was directed by South Korean director Yong Sang Ho. Viewers and critics gave it a very high rating: 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 72 on Metacritic.

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