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Playboy Magazine Covers: 10 Best Playboy Models and Covers! All Men Will Like Them

famous playboy covers

Nowadays, you can look at photographs of naked women at any time and in any quantity. However, the legendary Playboy magazine models continue to be popular. Largely thanks to the efforts of the well-known editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner (1926-2017). For all 68 years that Playboy has existed, getting on its glossy pages is an honor for any beauty. He also had famous playboy playmates.

How It All Began First Playboy Magazine Cover

old play boy magazine

Early in his professional career, Hugh worked in the advertising department for Esquire magazine. When the boss was about to move the office to New York, he asked for a five-dollar increase in the salaries of the business travelers. But he was refused. He got scared, quit his job, and set about realizing his old dream — creating his magazine with popular playboy models.

The magazine’s working title is Stag Party, but Hefner dropped it so as not to conflict with the then men’s magazine Stag Magazine. So the Playboy version was born — Playboy’s best covers were the so-called auto repair shop in which his friend’s mother worked. And the famous rabbit logo was drawn in half an hour.

The playboy’s first cover (December 1953) featured Marilyn Monroe, and inside were her pictures in a much more intriguing way. The editor-in-chief searched for these rare photographs for a long time and bought them out for five hundred dollars. The circulation of 70 thousand copies scattered in a week and a half. Collectors are now selling that issue for at least four thousand dollars.

Hugh was a very smart person. His IQ was 152 points. For comparison, among them, there are many Nobel laureates whose IQ ranges from 145 to 150, and this is considered a very high indicator. No one could even imagine that the best-selling playboy would be.

For Playboy to recognize the beauty as the girl of the month or year, she must comply with many conditions prescribed in the contract: to behave in a certain way, to know Hefner’s biography and the history of the magazine’s creation. And for another two years, she cannot be removed nude anywhere except for playboy covers.

In the fall of 2015, Hugh approved a proposal to modernize the old playboy magazine by removing completely naked women from the print version. The change in editorial policy was explained by the desire to increase the audience of the publication. However, then again everything returned to the pages. And the newest playboy covers came out, where the best playboy model was eventually chosen.

Top 10 Playboy Model

vintage playboy models

Anna Nicole Smith

Among the Playboy models, many associate this girl with the most famous publication for men. Smith can rightfully be considered one of the main stars that appeared on the pages of the publication in the 90s of the last century. The girl made her debut as an erotic model in 1992 — then she was known as Vicki Smith. She was so fond of the readers of vintage playboy magazine that even her non-standard parameters and small stature did not prevent her from receiving the title of the best Playboy model of 1993. Thus, she was photographed many times for publication. This happened not only in the wake of her success, which manifested itself in the first years after her appearance on the cover. During the remainder of the decade, she was filming for special issues of playboy magazine covers.

Jenny McCarthy

vintage playboy magazine

Is a Playboy model. She was looking for a sensational publication for adults with the sole purpose of earning money to study at a medical school. However, over time, Jenny realized that modeling is a great opportunity to start a good career, which will bring her more material benefits than being a doctor. McCarthy became Model of the Year and then was chosen to host Playboy TV. Photos of the girl and articles about her have repeatedly appeared in the publication. Her face and body have graced the pages of famous Playboy snapshots in 15 specials. After that, the girl began to be invited to the movies and on television. She has been a guest on several television projects, but the role of vintage playboy models has become the brightest in her life.

Marilyn Monroe

playboys first cover

Many experts claim that it was Marilyn who made the sexiest playboy covers so popular. The special charm and femininity of the actress have become the reason that the publication has become so famous and beloved among a huge number of men. It was Monroe who graced the cover of the first issue of the magazine, where the beauty is depicted in a dress with a deep neckline. This photo was taken at the 1952 Miss America Parade. Then, in 1955, Marilyn appeared on the cover of the publication for the second time. Even many years after the death of the great actress, her influence on the covers of famous playboys cannot be denied: copies of that very debut issue of the magazine went off the shelves for thousands of dollars. In addition, you can often see other celebrity playboy covers, similar to the legendary Monroe, like two drops of water in a capsule.

Pamela Anderson

playboy cover model

It’s impossible to talk about the Playboy beauties without mentioning Pamela Anderson. The girl managed to appear on the playboy magazines cover pages of the world-famous magazine as many as 12 times. The first time this happened in 1989, after which the career of a Canadian citizen quickly crept up. Anderson last appeared on the main page of the publication in 2007. She also starred in 20 Playboy specials, one of which was entirely dedicated to her personality. But not everyone succeeds in achieving this!

Of course, Pamela Anderson is one of the most famous playboy covers, and her spread photos are still in demand today. Each issue of the magazine reveals more and more new, charming beauties, but only a few of them remain in the memory for many years.

Elizabeth Taylor

Known as one of the best actresses in Hollywood history, a two-time Academy Award winner, she was photographed for Playboy in January 1963. At the time, there was no one more attractive on the big screen than her, and the famous playboy bunnies took advantage of the star of Taylor. How popular was Elizabeth Taylor? In the same year, she earned $1 million for her role in the movie Cleopatra, which made her the highest-paid movie star of the time. She appeared in Playboy magazine cover photos at the height of her success — as did dozens of celebrities who appeared in Playboy at the right time.

Cindy Crawford

top 10 playboy model

Few have appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine more than Cindy Crawford, who added playboy cover girls to her resume in 1988. In doing so, she became the magazine’s first supermodel. Ten years later, she did “it” again this time in a more revealing photoshoot. Cindy Crawford is ranked fifth in Playboy’s 100 Sexiest Stars of the 20th Century and regularly appears on the Sexiest Celebrities of the 1990s.

Jayne Mansfield

playboy magazine models

Blonde Jane Mansfield was one of the main movie stars of the 1950s, competing only with Marilyn Monroe. Thanks to her success on the silver screen, Mansfield became one of the earliest Playboy stars. It was first published in Playboy cover model magazine in 1955 and subsequently appeared in several issues until his premature death in 1967. In the 1960s, curvy Jane Mansfield became the first topless actress in film, but her status as a North American sex symbol was already shaped by her early Playboy appearances.

Ursula Andress

famous playboy playmates

Perhaps the most popular Bond actress is Ursula Andress, thanks in large part to the famous white bikini sex scene in Doctor Now and a series of Playboy appearances three years after the film. One of the sexiest movie stars of the 1960s, Andress dated icons such as James Dean, Sean Connery, and Marlon Brando, and her famous playboy photos gave men all over the world the chance to enjoy what Hollywood machoes saw live.

Bo Derek

best playboy model

Anyone who knows Bo Derek immediately remembers “10,” the 1979 film that blew the roof of dozens of people. Luckily for the fans, they didn’t have to wait long to see her in the famous playboy girls. Derek first appeared in the magazine a year later, and her 12-page photoshoot is one of the most famous in the magazine’s history. In 1980, she appeared twice in Playboy, and subsequently, her photoshoots appeared regularly in the magazine for the next five years.

Naomi Campbell

first playboy magazine cover

She is the only black model to appear on the Playboy final cover. Hugh Hefner invited Naomi to appear in late 1999 when a special Christmas edition of the magazine was slated to be released. The idea was very original: Campbell did not try on sexy lingerie, stylists simply “wrapped” the model in white gift wrapping. Naomi, despite her age, is still the most popular and highest-paid black model of famous playboy shoots.

Top playboy models were known all over the world thanks to this magazine. They had absolutely everything they wanted.

These are far from all the popular girls who were on the covers of playboy magazine since there are a lot of them and in order for everyone to be listed, you need to devote a lot of your time.

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