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10 Most Popular Strong Drinks in the World

most popular strong drinks

Every nation has its own branded alcohol. But some drinks are so specific that they remain a local exotic, while others, on the contrary, have gained worldwide fame. There are also those who produce and consume in large quantities, overtaking world alcohol brands, but at the same time are in demand only in their own country.

The British industry publication Drinks International made research an annual study of statistics on global alcohol sales to identify the most popular ones.

Let see what we have on the plate or in a glass, better to say.


More than a half, 63% of this alcohol drink produces in India, than Scotland 22%, USA 9,3 %, Canada 3.3%, Ireland 2% and Japan 1,4%. In terms of sales and its 231.9 million standard boxes per 9 liters, its share is 30.3%. Leadership of whiskey is undeniable, since it went around its closest competitors by almost a double margin.


This alcohol ranks second place with sales of 126.3 million boxes. And most famous brands belong to the largest international concerns with British, French, and American capital.


This popular Korean vodka was sold only in motherland in big volumes – 99.4 million boxes a year, although outside of Korea a strong sweet drink is almost unknown.


75.2 million of boxes such amount every year . The biggest lovers of this drink live in the Caribbean, the Philippines and India. Most famous are: Bacardi, Tanduay, Captain Morgan, Havana Club.


With 62.7 million , it is only 1.5% behind Rum. It may seem that this drink is more focused on the European consumer, but, for surprise, the world’s best-selling brand of brandy Emperador belongs to the Philippine manufacturer.

Every year, he supplies the market with 33 million boxes of strong grape alcohol, 6 times ahead of sales of such a world famous brand as Hennessy.

Cachaca (Cachaça)

Brazilians love their national sugarcane juice drink so much. Each year they produce 44.4 million boxes of cachaca, supplying it to the markets of Latin America.


This sweet and strong alcohol is sold in the amount of 36 million cases per year. This drink is decomposed into: classic liquors-37%, bitters- 49,5% and anise seed tinctures-13,5%.

And, of course, our favorite German brand Jegermeister which is producing classic bitter drinks infused with medical herbs. Among sweet liquors are Bailey and Malibu Rum and Ricard French brand is anise tinctures.


The sales volume of 33.3 million boxes it’s very popular in the UK. So, the best-selling brand of this type of alcohol is Ginebra San Miguel belongs to the same Filipinos who supply the drink to the Asian market.


The same can be said about Chinese vodka baiju based on grain distillates. The high sales figures of 20.9 million boxes.


Closes the top ten most demanded strong alcohol tequila with sales of 5.9 million boxes.

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