Tyre Sampson Who Passed Away at Orlando Amusement Park Had a Bright Future

tyre sampson

Many have heard about the tragic death of a 14-year-old boy who died at an Orlando amusement park. Now we will reveal something that will finally break your heart. Tyre Sampson was a very talented football player. The boy could have a bright future.

He was a capable athlete and could count on a scholarship to a Division 1 football program. The boy was only in 8th grade but he was already trained with the varsity team at East St. Louis.

While Tyre was much larger than his peers, he played on the attack. All the coaches and players paid attention to the boy`s ability and industriousness, he often used to stay late to improve his game. Tyre tragically passed away on Thursday night at Orlando’s ICON Park. He crashed to death while riding 430 feet. The boy`s partner`s father broke the news to the coach. It seems his son was sitting nearby right at the time of an incident.

So, have you heard about the tragedy? This is an unbearable loss. Mourn!

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