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5 Difference between Male and Female Brains

difference between male and female brains

How often can we hear that we don’t understand some things? Scientists assume that the root of the issue lies in the fact that the differences between men and women function up to their own brain specifics. So, do men and women think differently?

Both of them suffer from each other’s shortcomings. However, scientists while studying the brain have finally found the real cause of stereotyped differences in female and male behavior. It turned out that the female and male brains are arranged completely differently.

In most cases, representatives of both genders believe that the reason for the misunderstanding is not a very good attitude of the partner. So, are male and female brains different?

Scientists assume that the root of the problem lies in the fact that the male and female brain function in completely different ways.

Today, we’ll uncover all truth about men’s and women’s differences, which are caused by differences in the brain.

Neural Network and Size

male and female brain

A man’s brain is typically 10 percent heavier than a woman’s. However, this does not give an intellectual advantage. This tendency is since the man’s body is larger and its physical differences between men and women

More essential distinctions are at the neural level. The neural connections that connect the hemispheres of the brain are predominantly transverse in women. Therefore, it is easier for them to solve problems when they need to use intuition, but at the same time maintain a cold mind.

In the male brain, there are mainly longitudinal neural connections that connect the two parts of the cortex (anterior and posterior), except for the small brain (cerebellum). In this area, the neural network functions very efficiently. Therefore, it is easier for men to master complex physical tasks and manipulations that require strict control over the actions of the body.

Besides, it is easier for men to master the exact sciences, since they have a well-developed parietal region of the brain. Women, in turn, quickly master the nuances of foreign languages ​​and have a well-organized speech. Men’s and Women’s brains function differently as we see but with its advantages.

Age Changing

are male and female brains difference

In childhood, the difference between boys’ and girl’s brains are insignificant. The difference begins to make itself felt after 14 years, and every year it becomes more essential.

When the body begins changing with age, a third of the brain’s volume gradually decreases. This process occurs differently in men and women. Let’s explain a bit male brain vs female brain in this case.

In women, it is primarily the hippocampus and the parietal region of the brain. Because of this, it becomes more difficult for them to memorize information, build their speech, and navigate in space.

Vision is also declining. In men, the temporal and frontal areas dry out. It becomes more difficult for them to absorb new information and experience emotions.

In men, the brain begins to fade earlier than in women. This process begins when the protective work of estrogens weaken, and in women, after a decrease in the formation of sex hormones. And it also influences psychological differences between men and women in this case.

At some point it’s that physical difference between man and woman, women have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and men have a higher risk of Parkinson’s.

Sense Organs

Men vs women brain about sense organs. Women’s hearing is more advanced. Their brains are good at picking up intonations and sounds. Also, the tactile sensation is very well developed. Men, in turn, have better eyesight, in the sense that they see and perceive the entire environment, while women pay attention to details.

Emotions and Logic

Men's and Women's brains difference

The difference between man and woman thinking and logic is quite big. Men in most cases assess the situation pragmatically and soberly. They do not burden themselves with unnecessary worries, doubts, and subjectivity. And after all, women are prone to violent emotions, however, their vocabulary is larger and their memory is better.

In different situations, a man tries to evaluate everything by fact and quantity, while a woman focuses on details and is often guided by emotions. For example, while traveling along an unfamiliar route, women memorize details: buildings, landmarks, advertising signs. Men memorize certain parts of the path. That’s females are more emotional than males.

The perception of male vs female brain is a sense of humor is a distinction. In a funny story, a man is interested in its essence and sometimes the ins and outs, and a woman likes the course of the story, which turns into its logical conclusion.

Social Life


Men, in most cases, prefer to do everything alone. They love competition and ambition. And aggression is not uncommon for males. Women have team spirit. They love to team up to carry out plans and are prone to be more organized.

During disagreements or conflict, the fair sex will prefer to negotiate, while men may begin to aggravate the situation.

As was written above, women focus their attention on details. Therefore, they can simultaneously process several sources of information and do several things at the same time. Men focus on a certain task, and the transition to another task requires them to make the effort to switch.

At some point, it’s quite interesting that there are such differences between men and women. This is an essential step to mutual arrangements with each other and therefore improving relationships. Besides, this is a reason to forget many grievances and disappointments.

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