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5 Facts about White Wine and Its Healthy Impact

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Red wine is most often considered as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, and therefore a healthy diet. And what is known about white wine and its health effects? Is white wine good for you as well?
Antioxidants that are good for the heart and ellagic acid, which helps fight excess weight and have anti-cancer properties, are also associated primarily with red wine. Does science know the benefits of white wine and what does it consist of? Is white wine healthy? Let’s figure out.
It is interesting, that the palette of aromas of white wine is even bigger than red and the healthiest white wine as well. When we talk about aromatic grape varieties, these are just white varieties rich in volatile aromatic substances which are terpenes: Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Muscat, Torrontes. But are these aromatic bombs completely useless?
In fact, not at all, the researchers concluded that white wine has its unique list of healthy chemicals and antioxidants that distinguishes it from red wine.
White wine benefits for females and males have a health impact according to research.
And if you, like most wine lovers, prefer white wine in spring and summer, then using it sparingly, you have a chance to improve your health by knowing white wine facts. There are benefits of white wine for sure!

Heart Health and Improving Metabolism

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Studies have shown that drinking a glass of white wine can improve cardiovascular and metabolic function. So, in one study, scientists randomized 224 patients with well-controlled type 2 diabetes who drank red wine, white wine, or mineral water for two years to determine the effect of moderate wine consumption.

At the end of the test, although red wine lovers showed the greatest improvement in lipid and glucose control, those who drank white wine also showed improvements.

Besides, unlike those who drank mineral water, those who consumed white wine did not experience an increase in blood pressure or a decrease in liver function.

In another study, consuming aged white wine did more good for heart health than the consuming of gin.

White wine helped restore the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels, thus offering cardioprotection. Also, thanks to wine, the presence of inflammatory cells and pro-inflammatory biomarkers decreased.

Lung Health

In this area of ​​health benefits of white wine, white wine may have an advantage over red. While both white and red wine can support lung function, white wine seems to have a greater positive effect on them.

In one study conducted by scientists at the University of Buffalo, 1,555 participants were evaluated for lifelong drinking, lifestyle habits, body measurements, and lung function.

According to the data obtained, wine drinkers had the highest concentration of protective antioxidants in the blood. Drinking white wine is good for you.

Kidney Health

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According to researchers, one more compound – caffeic acid – may be responsible for the properties of white wine benefits.

For example, in one study, Italian researchers isolated and examined caffeic acid for its alleged antioxidant activity. In particular, they evaluated the protective effect of low doses of caffeic acid on endothelial damage caused by oxidative stress.

In general, low doses of caffeic acid, similar to the amount observed after moderate consumption of white wine, can provide endothelial protection and reduce the risk of heart disease and kidney disease.

By the way, sage, mint, thyme, Ceylon cinnamon, anise, and sunflower seeds are rich in this substance.

Cognitive Function

Some researchers have shown that antioxidants specific to white wine can protect against cognitive decline.

For example, in a study published in the journal Nutritional Biochemistry, researchers extracted polyphenols from the white wine and fed them mice for 2 months to determine the effect of a white wine-enriched diet on the brain in pathologies like Alzheimer’s. At the end of the trial, these mice were less likely to develop cognitive problems leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

The effects of white wine were astonished! Just always need to know the balance in drinking.

The Cardiovascular System

Like red wine, white wine can help regulate bad cholesterol. In one study, in which 146 participants were observed during the year with a mild or moderate risk of cardiovascular disease, those who did gymnastics at least twice a week and drank wine, regardless of white or red, saw significant improvements in cholesterol levels.

Sometimes wine is much more than just a grape drink. And it has a health impact on our body. One good glass of wine will bring not only rich taste, aroma but also digest your food.

It’s a perfect occasion to go out with friends in the summertime, to have delicious food and drink chilled, dry or semi-dry white or red wine, and enjoy the moments.

Is white wine bad for you? Not at all if you drink one glass of wine!

By the way, one of the most popular and classic sorts of white wine is Chardonnay. Let’s share a brief Chardonnay nutritional information in the end! This wine is the green-skinned grape kind used in the production of white wine! One 750 ml bottle is 590 calories and it has vitamin B-6.

So, don’t hesitate and go buy a bottle of a good bottle of white wine and make dinner with your beloved, but don’t forget, too much is not always good.

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