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7 Cool Ways to Lace Jordan: The Ultimate Guide to Lace Up Your Sneakers

There is no one these days who do not wear sneakers, athletic shoes, or other shoes with or without laces. The uniqueness of the shoe lies in the fact that the designers have specially developed it for a comfortable and comfortable fit. The flexible and durable outsole, comfortable insole, and breathable upper make walking easy and safe. The laces on the sneakers not only help keep them underfoot but also help express the wearer’s unique, creative and inimitable style.

To be honest, a lot of people wear lace-up sneakers exactly the way they are made in factories and don’t even know how many options they have. By choosing different ways to lace Jordan’s that suit you best, you will leave yourself beautiful, elegant, modern, and original.

the air jordan 1 lace up

Laces are often perceived as an insignificant nuance in our image – and in vain! With the right approach, they turn into the main accent of the bow, because style is about small details and thoughtfulness. So we get out of the habit of factory lacing and from childhood the usual “bow” on top and figure out how to lace Jordan 1, so as not to miss a single trifle in our image!

Cool Ways to Lace Jordans

It is very important to lace up your sneakers correctly. The laces hold the shoe in place for optimal support. Improper lacing can lead to blisters, twisted ankles, and even foot injuries.

There are different types of lacing, and they all provide a comfortable fit depending on your foot type:


Lacing technique:

  • The lace goes through the bottom holes and is pulled out at each end.
  • Next, the ends of the lace are passed up into the next holes.
  • The laces are crossed and threaded under the vertical lacing of the opposite side, and then lifted into the next upper eyelet.
  • In the end, the laces are crossed again, passed under the vertical lacing, and diverge in both directions. Now you know how to tie Jordan 1, there are more ways below.
sneaker lacing styles

Butterfly Stitch

This lacing style is ideal for people with wider toes and narrower feet at the back. Men who play basketball often think this style will help them better match their shoes.

Lacing technique:

  • For this type, we use the standard cross-lacing method until we get to the one closest to the last eyelet on the shoe. In the penultimate eyelet, thread the lace through the top and make small loops on each side of the hole. Then we will thread the second lace through these loops and tighten the lace.
  • This lacing style creates a tight ankle collar, so the shoe fits snugly in place. When the laces are tight, you tie them in the standard way.

Reverse Loop

This method looks interesting on any sneakers. It will fit, even if you decide to buy the Nike Air Foamposite one and wear it with your casual wear.

Lacing technique:

  • How to put shoelaces on Jordans? Start lacing from the bottom; from the inside out.
  • Cross both ends of the cord together in the middle and insert from the second holes from the inside out.
  • Repeat the operation all the way to the top. Done!
stair lace jordans

Direct Method

Although many try to make it with an odd number of holes. This method is a bit tricky to implement, but still quite popular.

Lacing technique:

  • the lace goes through the bottom holes into the shoe at both ends;
  • the first end of the lace is threaded into the upper eyelet on the right, and the second comes out straight to the left;
  • two ends go up and go out through the same hole, then go to the other side and rise higher;
  • the process continues until one of the laces reaches the top;
  • thread the other end of the lace through the remaining loop at the top. Done!

Double Lace

This method is often used by women and men whose feet are wider at the front than at the heel.

Lacing technique:

  • For this lacing, we need 2 sets of laces. Short ones are great. One set to lace up the bottom of the eyelets and another for the top. The standard transverse lacing method is used on both the bottom and the top of the shoe. Leave the bottom of the laces looser when tying them to fit the width of your foot.
  • We tighten them at the top so that the ankle collar fits snugly.
jordans 1


It looks like a canon criss-cross pattern, the difference is that the ends of the laces are not threaded into the nearest holes, but into the 1st and 4th. The basic principle: each “cross” is located in a conditional square, which is formed by 4 holes.

Lacing technique:

  • We begin to lace up from the bottom; from the inside out.
  • Cross the lacing and tuck into the 4th hole.
  • We immediately thread the lace into the 2nd hole from the inside out.
  • We cross, we stretch into the 5th hole.
  • We return, continuing the lacing from the inside and bringing it out from the 3 holes.
  • Cross it, thread it through the 6th holes – voila, you’re done!

Traditional Lacing

Currently, there is a wide variety of shoe lacing types. Traditional options are suitable for people who prefer a predominantly classic style of sports shoes and clothing. Types of traditional sneaker lacing:

Lacing technique:

  • The traditional method is the most correct in lacing: it starts from the toe, goes out parallel to both ends, after which the laces are crossed, and again passed out with the wrong part.
  • The cross method of lacing sneakers is rightfully called classic.
  • The sporty lacing method is designed to provide a good fit for the leg. This lacing is the strongest. It is necessary to pass the lace through the holes at the toe, then the free ends are threaded outward and passed under the first tensioned stitch, in a crosswise manner. In the future, the ends are threaded from bottom to top and threaded under the stitches in a cross pattern. So you learned how to lace Jordan’s reveal.

So you’ve seen the different ways to tie Jordans that our team has prepared for you. We hope our information is useful to you.

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