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8-Rounds Fight of Two Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Ended in a Draw

floyd mayweather vs logan paul

The main event of Floyd Mayweather against Logan Paul that took place at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium has long waited. But to the surprise of the audience, the fight lasted eight rounds without a single knockout or knockdown. Such development of events disappointed the crowd who even whistled.

The two fighters desperately tried to change the situation, but finally, the fight ended in a draw.

Throughout the match, Mayweather showed fans his evasive style, so after a while, Paul began to get tired. Eventually, Mayweather’s skills allowed him to handle most of the fight, constantly dodging punches. By the seventh round, the crowd began to make noise, showing their displeasure.

In an interview after the fight, Floyd Mayweather marked his age but added that he can still hold up to young heavyweight boxers. However, he shared that Logan Paul turned out to be better than he expected. Logan, in turn, managed to hold out all eight rounds against such an iconic boxer.

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