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9 Rules to Look Perfect with Simple Tips

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It’s not a secret that men also need to look after themselves in order to be always in a trend and have a representative look. And sometimes take a shower twice a day is not enough

Nowadays, the demands for modern guys are very high. If you ask a question to professionals how they see a well-groomed man, the answer becomes simple: “Well-groomed is when a man can remove everything that is on him and not become worse from it. Any man has something to strive for!

To get a fit body for a man is not a big deal and hard work, the gym can easily help you with that. But what about other ways to look good and fresh?

Here you will find some tips to be always in a trend. In modern society your inner beauty counts only when people will see it also from outside. To be always on top and successful you should look, of course, not like a movie celebrity but at least a man who knows the simple rules of the beauty process.

Do Not Miss Visits to Barber

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It is difficult to argue with the statement that it is not worth not paying attention on the face. A good barber will not only remove hairs gently or give your beard a flawless shape, but will also advise on grooming, which products are best for your skin, how to take proper care of yourself. A trip to a barbershop should not be compared to a routine shave at home and it’s not only about the atmosphere, but about the attitude to the skin.

Learn How to Shave as a Pro

If there is no opportunity to regularly go to the barbershop, bring your shaving at home to perfection. A good machine and care products will help in this, you need to buy them with an eye to the type of skin and it is better in the same barbershop, and not in the men’s department of a chain perfume store. And most importantly – take your time.

Use Eye Cream

Unlike girls, most men do not think about the appearance of wrinkles. In some ways it’s not so necessary, but signs of age can add solidity to your appearance, another question is that this does not apply to bruises and bags under the eyes. Here is a tip.

A man’s eye cream should not have a greasy structure, as it itself can cause wrinkles. It should be light and not sticky, otherwise the skin will stretch, forming “bags” under the eyes.

Thanks to the beauty market there are so many varieties of cosmetics brands that will help you with that. And try these one of them which can help to rid tiredness of your eyes CLINIQUE Skin for men anti-age eye cream, Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream and L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift.

Take Care of Your Eyebrows

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It is unnecessary to talk about the merging of two eyebrows into one – this atavism, we hope, is in the past. Having removed a couple of hairs from the upper eyelid, you will notice that the look has become different, more “open” and attractive.

For your luck, today there are barber shops in almost every city. Correction there is done by professionals who know the measure and value of time – working with one client takes usually no more than thirty minutes.

Remove the Hair

The question “to remove or not to remove body hair?” is no longer considered open, today, appearing on the beach with a smooth back and chest is an absolute norm. But do not try to repeat the experiment of Mel Gibson from the movie “What Women Want”. Use a trimmer to remove hairs in your nose and ears. That will be enough.

Do Not Avoid Manicure and Pedicure

There are manicure and pedicure salons on every corner. Well-groomed hands and smooth feet have long been a must for everyone. Take an hour and a half a week for this activity and you will always confidently reach out to your partners.

Use the Scrub

In the men’s cosmetics market almost every brand has a facial scrub. If you use it in the morning, applied to damp skin, a healthy glow will return, dead skin cells will disappear, shaving will become easier and the skin will be smooth, as if you were twenty again.

Try these products and you will feel the difference before and after, and your skin will love it. Nivea, Men, Deep Cleaning Face Scrub, Maximum Hydration, 7th Heaven for Men Dead Sea Mud Sucking Mud Scrub and Marlowe, Facial Scrub For Men, No. 122

Use the Shampoo and the Conditioner according to Your Hair Type

Ask your hairdresser what type of hair and scalp you have. If your hair gets dirty quickly, use a scalp scrub once a week. This is a very pleasant procedure that can be easily done at home. And after that – shampoo with ceramides and taurine, which will take the sebaceous glands in check.

Find Your Fragrance

You probably already have your favorites. Nevertheless, new items appear all the time, there is no reason to ignore them. Do not be afraid to experiment, try the so-called “niche” scents, because how you smell is as important as what you are wearing.

And after these simple rules you will definitely feel the difference and see results. Enjoy simple things. Sometimes to make your day you just need to visit a barber, chat with him and that’s it, happy day.

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