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A 65-Year-Old Man Was Refused to Visit McDonald’s Because of the Mobile Phone

grandfather against mcdonalds

A 65-year-old grandfather turned against McDonald’s after he was refused to enter the building. The mother of five children promised never to return to the local restaurant after the staff of McDonald’s didn’t allow her father inside because of the lack of a smartphone to scan the verification code.

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Vicky Wakelam, who is 43, says she invited her father Colin Wackelam to have breakfast at McDonald’s as he was undergoing a difficult time. But when they arrived, on June 9, they were both asked to use their phones to scan tracking QR codes before entering. But the old man didn’t have a smartphone, so he wasn’t allowed to enter the restaurant. While trying to use his old phone to scan himself, he caused a delay in the line. Finally, it didn’t work out and he seemed very upset.

It turned out to be a mistake by the restaurant team, who could use the restaurant tablet. However, McDonald’s apologized, the couple was annoyed and angry by such a morning situation and unprofessional work.

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