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A Former Coach and His Son Lost 295 Pounds Together Following a Keto Diet | Find Out More

Jeff and Jason Moore

After years of eating fast food, Jeff Moore decided to become a coach again, but this time to help himself and his son. Moore, who is 48, and his 19-year-old son Jason from London lost 295 pounds in total. It was reported that Moore’s weight was around 443 pounds before the diet and Jason, in turn, approximately 420.

Last year in June they decided to completely change their lifestyle and Moore managed to lose about 150 pounds, and Jason almost the same.

Moore, who is an Army veteran, worked as a personal trainer starting from 2006. This happened 11 years after leaving the military. However, after he divorced, he quitted his job and started a career as a fire alarm technician.

As he was often on the road, he started eating fast food. But not only Moore’s eating habits got worse, but his son Jason’s condition suffered.

After Moor’s parents died, he was overeating and suffering alcoholism. Moore said his weight increase prevented him from doing home chores. In addition, Jason and he couldn’t do things they really love, like fishing and hunting.

His job also became impossible as he even couldn’t climb the stairs. Many clients called the office, complaining about his smell and appearance. What’s more, he was also worried about Jason, who was being bullied at school.

Then, last April after Moore was fired he realized that it was time to change the situation that went under control. Father and son started to follow a keto diet. Moore also quit drinking and lost 100 pounds in the record seven months. Now he is training and can do all the basic things that he couldn’t do before. And these are motivating factors.

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