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A Man from the USA Donated His Liver at the Age of 95 to a Woman Who Is 60 Years Old

Cecil Lockhart

A man from West Virginia, who was 95 years old in now the oldest organ donor in the United States country. The man named Cecil Lockhart passed away on May 4, and then his liver was restored and donated to a woman who is 60 years old. At the moment she is doing well.

The man was motivated to become a donor after his son Stanley died in 2010. After the death, he donated tissue and managed to heal 75 people. And by donating the cornea, he restored vision to two people.

Although Lockhart is now the oldest person who donated his organ, the first case of organ donation appeared in 2001. And since that moment, 17 teenagers have donated organs. This confirms that organ donation is not age-related: no one is too old or too young to give life to someone.

Lockhart operated in the coal mines for half a century, as well as he worked as a corporal during World War II. He is survived by his 75-year-old wife, daughter, son, three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Now the family asks people to take thought about being organ donors in memory of Lockhart.

According to the data, every 10 minutes people are adding to the waiting list. And unfortunately, more than 107,000 of them are currently needed an important organ transplant.

It has been estimated that each person can save the lives of approximately eight people if he decides to donate organs. And you can change the lives of 75 people by donating tissues.

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