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A Man Is Forced to Leave His House on the Island Where He Was Staying for 32 Years

mauro morandi

A man from Italy is now leaving the island where he was staying all alone for 32 years. He was the only inhabitant of the island located near the coast of Sardinia.

But now Mauro Morandi is leaving his small house on Budelli Island after being asked several times by local authorities to move. The 81-year-old man who has been living on the island since 1989 shared the sad news and announced his soon departure on Sunday on his Facebook page. He hopes the island will be properly looked after, which he has been doing for 32 years. He also added that he was angry about the situation caused.

The teacher in the past, appeared on this island when he was trying to sail from Italy to Polynesia. He liked the place so much that he decided to stay, replacing the previous keeper of the island.

However, La Maddalena National Park came under Budelli’s property in 2015. Since then, the man has spent years arguing with the local authorities, who say he has no legal right to be there. He also expressed concerns about the future of the place, which he has tried to protect and preserve for 32 years. He chased away tourists who came to the forbidden beach and also removed garbage from the sand.

Although he received a lot of support on social media gaining 70,000 signatures, he agreed that his time on the island is over.

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