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A New Five-Piece Capsule From the Inter X Moncler Will Be Available in Europe

Inter X Moncler

On December 7 the Inter x Moncler collection will reveal a five-piece capsule. The assemblage will be available on in Europe.

The Italian brand of clothing, footwear, and other products was founded in 1952 by Rene Ramilion.

The most popular label products are jackets and sportswear. Moncler is the abbreviation for the city of Monestier de Clermont, located in the French Alps. The most important thing for the brand is the choice of fabric, cut, and manufacture.

Monestier de Clermont
Five-Piece Capsule moncler
moncler x inter collab

For three years Moncler was an official clothing partner for the legendary FC Internazionale Milano football team. The collection consists of 15 pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories in the habitual dark team`s palette. All the partners of the organization, especially the head coach will wear the clothing for off-field fights from the 2021-22 season.

The label comprises two different capsules. The one part is for the players and the other one- for the top management. The full collection is the adapted variant of reviewed Moncler`s men`s classics, specially made for the team`s events, press appearances, and such things.

The logo of the whole collection is Moncler`s “feltrino” on the left arm and the intertwined “IM” branding on the right one.

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