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A Power Rangers Restaurant Has Opened in Japan Featuring Original Works From the Series

A 'Power Rangers' Restaurant Has Just Opened in Tokyo

In Japan, Power Rangers are known as Super Sentai. The Tokusatsu series has been popular since 1975, attracting many fans no matter what age they are. Becoming a part of Japanese culture, it can now be noticed in manga and anime. And if you are a big fan of the franchise and your dream was to eat curry in a place full of Power Rangers’ attributes, it is now a reality. This new restaurant is located in Tokyo and features various original works from the series. Eating in the place stuffed with figurines, and photographs you feel like sitting in the museum where even the first Red Ranger costume is presented.

Regarding the food, the restaurant offers a great selection of curries. But why the emphasis is on curry rice? In the first season of the original TV series, one of the Rangers loved this dish. So, this restaurant is the perfect place to go deep into the history of Japanese superheroes while tasting a spoon of curry. Fans will also have a possibility to get collectible magnets during dinner.

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