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A Ugandan Who Traveled to Tokyo 2020 Olympics Didn’t Want To Return Back

Ugandan Weightlifter Goes Missing After Traveling to Tokyo Olympics

A weightlifter, who came from Uganda, went missing after going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that took place in Japan. Then, the man only left a letter saying he did not want to return to his home country. He added that he is willing to stay and find work in Japan because his life in Uganda was tough.

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Julius Ssekitoleko, who is 20 years old, went to the training camp in Osaka but failed to qualify for the Olympics and had to return to his home country next Tuesday. The boy was last seen at a train station when he was buying a ticket to central Japan.

Interestingly, this is not the first case during the Olympics and other sports events when athletes weren’t happy with life in their countries. The last example was two athletes who did not return home from games in Rio 2016, while 21 athletes together with coaches went missing from Olympics 2012 which took place in London.

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