Volkanovski Knocked Out Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung in UFC 273 Main Event

alexander volkanovski korean zombie ufc 273

On the night of April 9-10 in Jacksonville was held a mixed martial arts tournament UFC 273. The incredible fight. Alexander Volkanovski faced The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung to struggle for the featherweight championship belt.

The defending champion from Australia immediately became stronger and beat his opponent’s face in the first round. The Korean could stand until the fourth round. During another attack by Volkanovski, the referee decided to stop the fight.

This is the seventh lesion of Chan Sung Jung. And Volkanovski received his 23rd victory. We especially want to add that the man chose a special tactic in this battle. Clear technique and speed did not leave the slightest chance to the opponent.

To remind you, the representative of the featherweight category Volkanovski has been performing professionally since 2012. Many serious athletes have been defeated by him in the ring and it is not surprising.

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