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Amazing Sex, Healthy Children and Other Benefits of Naked Sleeping

Each time, wearing your favorite flannel pajamas, you do not even know how enormous the advantages of sleeping naked

Scientists around the world have conducted dozens of studies! Let’s not annoy you with huge quotes from dissertations and doctoral articles, but take your word for it: there are at least 14 reasons to sleep naked.

Sleeping Naked Facts

health benefits of sleeping nude

You Are Prolonging Your Youth

Owners of nightwear and flannel shirts often sweat at night. It would seem that it’s a familiar thing, but the body temperature increases (so it happened since the days when our ancestors slept in the open air) and thanks to clothes becomes even higher in sleep. Under these conditions, the production of the sleep hormone (melatonin) falls sharply. But its other name – the anti-aging hormone!

Savings on Rejuvenation Procedures

Another “friend” of the anti-aging hormone, the growth hormone, does not like heat too. It is responsible for the regeneration of our body, including skin renewal. As we age, the growth hormone is produced worse and worse in humans. So if you want to be fit and fresh, sleep well. Preserving youth is quite a worthy benefit of sleeping nude to give it enough attention.

Skin and Hair Will Shine

Again, the hormone of anti-aging melatonin is to blame. Moreover, it increases the mineralization of bones, increases muscle mass, stimulates the immune system, and improves the appearance of skin and hair!

In short, do not rush to get expensive vitamins if you notice that your hair has become a little duller. Try something that does not cost any money.

Sex Quality Is Improved

sleeping naked for guys

It’s all about a hormonal cocktail, which occurs in the body of partners when two naked bodies touch. Its main ingredient is oxytocin (or love hormone), which helps to improve mood and a more positive mood. This will especially increase the desire of the two partners for each other. Do not deny yourself and your loved one the sleeping nude benefits.

Children Will Be Healthier and Prettier

Honestly, we didn’t invent it ourselves, but a group of scientists from Maryland and Stanford said it quite seriously. The researchers found out that it is extremely important what a man wears when he sleeps. It has a direct impact on his reproductive functions.

In clothes, a man sweats, the sperm quality becomes worse, and when sleeping naked, the sperm quality improves (even by 25%!), which means that the most selected product reaches the egg.

Prevention of Mycosis Development

These are diseases caused by parasitic fungi. Stomatitis, candidiasis, lichen, do you want it? It is better to sleep in cool. The airflow will help to reduce bacterial growth and the possibility of unpleasant diseases.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

Scientists from Sweden believe that sleeping at low temperatures improves metabolism and reduces blood sugar levels. Take your word for it, but eat less sweet just in case.

Get Rid of a Couple of Extra Kilos!

Thousands of smartbooks have been written about the connection between stress and excess weight. Only a few of them say that when we dress up as cabbage at night, without knowing it, we feel stress.

Sleeping without clothes reduces the level of cortisol (the same stress hormone) and promotes the correct operation of the growth hormone, which also has fat-burning properties.

Sleeping without Clothes – Another Way to Relieve Pain!

“Artificial skin” prevents the free circulation of blood. We do not feel it ourselves, but our body feels discomfort, especially when we have painful symptoms.

Does your stomach hurt? Try to get rid of your clothes! This method will reduce the tension in the nerve plexuses of the abdominal cavity and sometimes even eliminate pain.

Increased Self-Esteem

benefits of sleeping naked for men

Psychologists believe that people who sleep naked are mostly harmonious. Why to the extent? Because there are no harmonious people, or psychologists will not have a job. (Joking!)

One way or another, “naked people” feel comfortable in their bodies, less often suffer from mood swings, and like the opposite sex. And these are already weighty sleeping naked health benefits.

Helps to Preserve the Family Budget

You should agree that nobody wants to spend a third of his life in a synthetic rag, and a quality thing is not cheap. But if you sleep without any clothes, no problems for you and plus a couple of hundreds a year to the family budget. It’s a trifle, but nice!

Sleep Gets Better

We’ve already talked about the importance of releasing oxytocin and touching your partner’s body, but we haven’t mentioned that your skin gets kind of high from contact with your favorite skin. As a result, you get rid of anxiety and relaxation, sleep comes quickly and usually lasts until the morning.

Quality of Life Is Improving

Why men should sleep naked? We have already found out that sleeping without clothes helps to become calmer, healthier, and a little happier. And a happy person achieves his goals much faster.

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