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Apple Negotiated With SK and LG and Plans To Introduce Its Car Later This Year

Apple Will Present the First iCar

Back in the fall of 2015, the first information appeared on social media, about the beginning of the development of the Apple iCar. But then the company had not announced the release of the car. And now it finally became known about the cooperation of Apple with SK and LG. The company plans to introduce the product later this year.

The project was named Project Titan, and 600 engineers worked on it using the existing developments of the company: sensors, batteries, and software.

iCar was planned to be completely autonomous. Later, information appeared that the company was thinking about creating its own autopilot, which would be served to other manufacturers.

According to the latest data, Apple representatives traveled to South Korea where they negotiated with future partners. There the company reached an agreement with LG, SK, Hanwha, and the Canadian Magna International.

And last year, the company patented two technologies. Firstly, they made it possible to dim the glass of the car at the right time. And Apple’s car also will not need a physical key, as it can be controlled via the iPhone. Thus, the machine will have digital keys that can be sent to each other. According to patent documents, the system will allow someone else to drive the car without disclosing important and confidential information to the owner. When the digital key is sent, the password or other critical details that can be tracked and used by third parties will not be transmitted. The digital key, like the one-time password, can be used only once, and access to the car will be limited after use.

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