After a Nine-Year Court Fight Germans Banned Using Glen on Their Whiskey Bottles

Glen whiskey

The fight for the taboo to use the word, Glen, by German distilleries on their bottles reached its logical conclusion. From this point, the Germans have to exclude the word, Glen, from their whiskey bottles, Glen Buchenbach has to change its name due to the law.

The whole 9 years the litigation continued and finally, we got the result that non-Scottish alcohol can’t use the Scottish indications of origin. The Herald explained that creators of the Waldhorn distillery called the whiskey in honor of Buchenbachtal, without e. Glen is the valley from Gaelic, so the name means the Valley of Buchenbach. In addition, the mark on each bottle means Swabian Single Malt, there was no mention of Scotland.

It was also mentioned that SWA has disputed the use of Glen in Canadian Glen Breton single malt whiskey but the Federal Court of Canada announced that the word starting with G doesn’t mean that the product has to be from Scotland.

So, what can you say about the ban? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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