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Barack Obama Is Surprised with the Positive Comments after the Death of His Dog

barak obama and his dog

Barack Obama is pleasantly shocked by the positive reaction to the news of the death of his beloved dog. The former president recently spoke about the loss of his dog, named Bo, during the night show on Monday. On May 8, family members shared the sad news of Bo’s death on their social media pages. During the interview, Obama admitted that he was surprised by the positive public reaction.

He said that most of the comments on social media are categorized as positive and negative. And most often they are not so pleasant and even offensive and with elements of trolling. But these posts that followed the death of the dog turned out to be the only posts where everyone said something good.

Obama also added that Bo helped him not only to improve family relationships but also to bond with social media users who are not fans of him.

This situation made him think that if people were as kind and polite to each other as we are to our pets, then we would do much better.

Obama also talked about why he got Bo. For a long time, his daughters asked him to get a dog. But in addition to that, he had his personal reasons. The thing is that during his presidency, he needed a friend who would be kind to him no matter what.

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