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Barack Obama’s 60th Anniversary Took Place on the Weekend: There Were 200 Guests

Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday

On August 4, Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday. But the ex-President of the United States decided to postpone the celebration for the weekend. The anniversary lasted for two days. On Friday night, Obama hosted a small private cocktail party that lasted three hours, and the next day a much larger party was planned at the family mansion. At one time, the purchase of the house cost Barack and Michelle Obama 11.75 million dollars. Here, in a quiet place, the couple often spent their holidays and this time met guests in tents specially built on the estate. It became known that in order to ensure privacy, a time limit on flights was introduced over the place of celebration.

Initially, Barack Obama planned to invite about 500 guests but reduced the number to family and close friends for safety reasons. Nevertheless, the list was still impressive: Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Tom Hanks, John Legend and his beloved one, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper, and many other celebrities attended the event.

Footage appeared on the network, which shows that guests were at the party without masks and didn’t follow the social distance. For this Obama was condemned by American politicians. However, some of the measures were still observed. Each invitee was tested for coronavirus, and the whole evening was attended by a doctor who monitored compliance with the rules. Obama asked not to give gifts but instead told the guests to make donations to his charitable foundation.

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