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How to Dye Your Beard Step-by-Step Instructions – Learn All about Beard and Mustache Dye

How to Dye Your Beard Step-by-Step Instructions

With the help of a beard, a man can look courageous, brutal, but at the same time adding a certain charm and adventurism to his appearance. Women note that a man’s beard adds sexuality, while psychologists believe that for women, a man’s beard is an indicator of good genetics and health for the offspring. Fashion trends are promoting many forms and types of beards and mustaches, even forgotten by mankind and history.

If a man’s beard rarely grows and is lighter than the hair on his head, this is far from a reason to give up facial hair. Experts suggest using the beard coloring service, and a properly selected men’s beard dye will easily equalize the shades of hair on a man’s head and face. Many even manage to hide early gray beards with beard tinting.

Modern men often decide to dye their beards and mustache, but before that, they ask themselves how to dye their beards. Representatives of the stronger sex treat facial hair quite reverently and carefully. Sometimes relatives or friends push a man to take this step.

However, it is very important to know that a safe beard dye must be selected correctly, it must meet specific requirements. At first glance, the beard dye for men procedure may seem simple, but in the process, many questions always arise. Therefore, it is very important to first study the features of painting in order to get an effective result.

Selection Criteria Beard Color Dye

Selection Criteria Beard Color Dye

Specially created beard and mustache dye are significantly different in composition and purpose than dyes for different techniques for dyeing women’s hair. When creating such products, specialists took into account the peculiarities of the hair structure, their reactions to chemical components, types and common shades of beards, and much more. In addition, you need to understand that facial hair dye will react strongly to the wrong dye.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use hair dyes intended for women, but for the purpose of toning or dyeing hair on the beard. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in the composition of such paints can ruin the hair on the beard, and most importantly, cause significant harm to the skin of the face.

Why Paint?

It is believed that a beard and mustache of a uniform color look neat and tidier. When painting gray hair, the psychological factor plays an important role. Men with a renewed beard color feel younger and more confident. This gives them an incentive to reach new heights in their work.

Home or Salon Coloring?

The easiest option is to sign up for a beauty salon. Specialists, observing all the details, will take care of the man’s beard and mustache and will choose the best way to dye the beard. At the same time, professionals will ask for a fairly large amount of money for their services.

It should also be borne in mind that you will also have to tint the permanent beard dye. This should be done regularly. The cost of maintaining beauty will be detrimental to the family budget.

Therefore, it is better to learn how to dye a beard yourself at home and think about how to get rid of gray hair in a beard. There are a number of advantages here – the procedure will be cheaper, and you will be able to save time on going to the salon. However, there is a small risk of making a mistake with the choice of color and the paint itself, but this is fixable.

Beard Coloring Products

Some people use natural beard dye because they don’t know where to find a professional beard and mustache remedy. But it’s better not to do that. Beard coloring shampoo and mustache are designed for hair with a softer structure, but hard hair can be uneven. There is a chance of getting a different shade that was hoped for. The reason is the same – the rigid structure of the hair.

But if you do decide to opt for semi-permanent beard dye, you should definitely buy only light shades. It is worth choosing from light blond, blond, ashy. The fact is that on coarse hairs, these paints will give a darker color. Choosing, for example, chestnut, at the exit there is a risk of getting a coal-black beard.

Another disadvantage of using regular paint is that it can cause an allergic reaction on the delicate skin of the face.

Beauty salons always use professional products for beard and mustache and choose the best way to color beard for you. They can be found at your regular beauty store, ordered online, or purchased from a hairdresser. The price of the product depends on the manufacturer.

How to Choose the Right Color?

How to Choose the Right Color?

Sometimes difficulties arise in choosing the best beard coloring. If you use the recommendations of experts, then this task will not be difficult to cope with:

  • The best option is a beard that matches the color of the hair on the head. You can make it one tone darker or lighter.
  • Contrasting shades should not be preferred.

Dark hair on the head combined with a red beard is no longer in trend.

  • The black color of facial hair is not suitable for everyone. Men with a Slavic appearance should choose chestnut shades, as a charcoal beard will look tasteless.

Also, when choosing the best beard dye for black men, you need to take into account the appearance: black is suitable for a wedge-shaped shape or a goatee, light shades are in harmony with Full Beard.

Verona Laboratories

The Polish cosmetic brand Verona Laboratories’ non-irritating beard dye has created a high-quality and effective Gentleman Coloring Cream for beard and mustache. The product returns color to the hair and makes the man more attractive. The paint has a safe formula, does not irritate the skin, and evenly dyes all hairs. It only takes 15 minutes to get the desired result. The set includes a convenient brush for a comfortable application of the product.

The product has a light, creamy consistency that allows you to quickly and easily distribute it over the beard and mustache. The color lasts up to four weeks.

According to reviews, the tool does an excellent job with the functions declared by the manufacturer. Men note that the dye for beard and mustache gives the hair a rich color, and when applied, there is no unpleasant odor, which is often the case with such products. And to think about should I dye my beard, it remains only for you, since the choice is yours.

Godefroy Capsules

Capsule natural hair dye for beards and mustache for men from the American brand Godefroy. The formula contains natural ingredients, one of which is henna. The product is ammonia-free and maximizes the benefits of beard and mustache by strengthening hair and stimulating hair growth. Fans of the brand in their reviews note the high durability of the colors. The color lasts for 5-6 weeks.

The package contains an antioxidant, a small container for combining components, capsules with coloring pigment, as well as a mixing tool and applicator with a brush for applying paint. Capsules and an antioxidant are combined in the dishes. The resulting composition, according to the instructions, is immediately applied to the beard and mustache.

The durability, according to the manufacturer, is 1 month.

Just for Men

The composition of this beard paint is completely natural. You will not find any aggressive components in it. This was confirmed by laboratory tests of the paint. The product was originally developed to darken gray beard hairs. Now, a rich palette of natural deep shades allows all men to choose their own individual colors.

It is enough to keep the paint for only 5 minutes. The beard and mustache will look fresh in 4-6 weeks.

The paint is enough for 3-4 applications.

Delia Brand

Natural beard coloring products Cameleo men from a Polish manufacturer can be used for home coloring. Differs in ease of use and affordable price. The composition perfectly masks even gray hairs, while not violating their structure and the integrity of the entire bristle. Before dying, it is recommended to wash the beard with shampoo or soap. Then you need to study the instructions for paint for a beard and mustache.

The package contains a pigment for coloring and a developer, which must be combined and stirred immediately before use.

You need to apply the composition for only 10 minutes. Then the paint is thoroughly washed under running water. Almost every man can use the product since its formula does not irritate even the sensitive skin of the face.

Estel Professional

ONLY look’s eyebrow and eyelash tint are perfect for beards. The package contains a tube with a coloring base of 50 ml and a developing emulsion of 30 ml. For ease of use, a special bowl for the mixture, a stick for stirring and applying is offered.

Estelle’s long-lasting beard and mustache dye are suitable even for sensitive skin. Due to its soft consistency and neutral pH level, it does not cause any discomfort during use.

You can also adjust the color intensity of the dying beard to make it look fuller. It depends on the holding time of the beard and mustache paint. The description for the tool says that the resulting shade will delight a man for up to four weeks. The product will not leave any marks on the skin. Another advantage that buyers of beard and mustache paint note in reviews is economical consumption.

We hope you enjoyed the information that we have prepared with the team for you. Remember, the choice is yours!

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