According to a Federal Report, Beer Industry in America Is Still Too Consolidated

America Beer

Despite the fact that craft beer is gaining popularity, the Treasury Department’s results say that there are only two main breweries that control 60 percent of the US market.

Obviously, the modern craft brewing industry has influenced American and international beer. Nowadays, almost every community in the country can boast of its own brewery, setting new trends.

But little breweries are still continuing a battle against global big beer companies. But despite four decades of craft breweries being on the market, a new government report revealed this week suggests that very little has changed for this period.

Treasury Department analyzed the American markets of beer, wine, and spirits and found out that two brewers have dominated the markets. Starting from 2008 and today, they are responsible for 65 percent of the beer market nationwide.

Based on these conclusions, the report also made a number of suggestions, including mergers and investments by major brewers and small firms.

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