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Being Drunk, a Man Interested in Water Life, Asked Questions to the Aquarium Hotline

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In the USA, a drunk man texted the aquarium hotline at night asking questions related to water life. Being drunk, the man got excited about how the territory he was currently walking would look underwater. And he knew for sure who to write to get answers to the questions. Read also: Based on Matisse and Keith Haring’s Works, the Art-Infused Football Collection Arrived.

Interested in marine life during a night walk, he decided to send text messages to the aquarium hotline asking about seahorses, and fish feeding traditions.

A man whose name is not known in two hours wrote seven separate questions. He wondered what his surroundings would have looked like before it became dry land, and why seahorses take objects with the help of their tail.

In the morning, the aquarium instructor responded to the night messages and gave a long answer to each question, adding that the man’s beloved was lucky that he wrote the questions for the aquariums and not other women.
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