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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Friendship Is Slowly Moving to a New Romantic Level

ben affleck and jennifer lopez

After the unexpected news that Jenniffer Lopez had decided to break up with Alex Rodriguez, fans were shocked by another news. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who finished their relationship in 2004, are now spending time together again. Since last weekend they spent at a ski resort in Montana, where they were only two, they keep in touch every day.

 They met 17 years ago and soon announced their engagement. However, Ben and Jennifer canceled it shortly before the scheduled date of the celebration. After that, they were together for some time, but then they broke up. They decided to maintain friendly relations.

Some say that this reunion was initiated by Ben himself. Back in February, the actor sent an email to his ex-fiancée saying compliments. Then, when Jenniffer was starring in a new film in the Dominican Republic, their correspondence began.

Now, the rumors about their romance along with photo confirmation are going viral on the Internet. The ex-couple is slowly but moving in a romantic direction, some sources say. The reunion of 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who is 48 years old, may turn out to be one of the biggest news this year.

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