Ben Simmons Was Heckled by His Fans Before the Game Against Philadelphia

ben simmons

The fans gave an unfriendly reception to the former player Ben Simmons when he appeared on the court before Thursday’s game. Simmons arrived with his new team, Brooklyn, for Thursday’s game against Philadelphia, but the man won’t take the court. The player continues to gain form after a long absence of game practice.

Simmons did not go to court due to back problems. However, the man participated in the warm-up before the match. Also, he watched the game between Philadelphia and Brooklyn from the bench.

To remind, the player refused to play for Philadelphia in the 2021-22 season and was traded before the deadline. Brooklyn won 129-100. Simmons wanted to take a break from the game and, finally, got this opportunity.

There was another interesting situation in summer when Ben changed his phone number without telling anyone. He didn’t respond to messages and calls, no one communicated with him until he unexpectedly appeared in training camp.

So, what do you think about the greeting? How do you treat the man? Leave your comments below the article!

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