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Best Craft Breweries in the USA | Read This to Expand Your Knowledge of Different Breweries

To feel like your own in New York, you have to hang out like a local. Sipping the best American beer, dancing to the music from a machine, sitting at the same counter with old punks, or watching baseball in a sports pub – you can do it all with ease if you keep our list of cool non-obvious bars in New York.

Best beer list

best beer list

McSorely’s Olde Ale House

This is perhaps the best place to drink beer on our list, but it’s really cool. McSorely’s Olde Ale House is one of the oldest bars in New York. Only 2 types of beer are poured here (and in principle, there is no other alcohol in the bar), they do not turn on music and only accept cash for payment. Although you can still run into a live music program – from time to time Irish bands play here. For 2 small glasses of beer in this bar, you will pay only $ 6.5, which is very cheap by New York standards. You can also order budget and quite edible dishes: for example, a burger will cost $ 6-7. The bar has a very cool and cozy atmosphere, and there are newspaper clippings on the walls from almost the beginning of the 20th century. A very authentic place that will sink into the soul of all lovers of bar culture.

The Iron Horse

best beer bars

This bar (like the next two on our list that goes before best craft breweries in the USA) is located in Down Town, and contrary to expectations, it is very cheap (a glass of beer costs around $ 3-4). The atmosphere in the institution is student-like and as funny as possible – what is it worth just one wheel, by turning it for $ 5 you can get, for example, something from alcohol or a slap on the fifth point (depending on your luck). There is also billiards among the entertainment. Overall, this is a fun budget place where people relax at the end of the day.

The White Horse Tavern

best beer bars in America

You can go here after The Iron Horse if you plan to raid the area’s establishments. A standard Irish bar with a long counter, where you can chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and roll out the best craft beer (or take some standard not the most sophisticated cocktail). Everything is very cheap, cheerful and no aggressive loud music. And the audience is absolutely motley: from students to the guys from Walt Street. The White Horse Tavern is a rather popular place among locals, so there is a risk of not driving in on weekend evenings.

Jeremy’s Ale Horse

best craft breweries in USA

A very old budget New York bar with bras hanging from the ceiling and sports broadcasts on TVs. You can listen to music in Jeremy’s Ale House only through a special machine, and in general, everything is very modest in appearance. But in this bar, among locales and without a single tourist, you can 100% feel that you are in the States here and now and drink the best American beer.

Home Sweet Home

best beer pub

Local bar with the same beer, where parties are held on weekends – you can have a good party and dance. If you want to get into the midst of fun, then the best beer pub will help you to move here closer to midnight. A glass of beer costs around $ 6, and you can pay by card. Nice place if you really want to have fun, but classic pretentious clubs are not to your liking at all.


best place to drink beer

Concerts are held in Niagara, and most often these are punk concerts. Don’t look for big rock stars here – local bands perform in the bar, and a small circle of fans comes to support them. The good old punks in leather jackets are quite friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. One simple rule: do not touch anyone – and no one will touch you. Drink the Best Craft Beer!

Double Down Saloon

best craft beer breweries

A brutal place not for the faint of heart: the bouncers don’t stand on ceremony with anyone here, they play porno videos on old TVs, and in general the place looks very punk. Those who are under 21 years old have no chance of getting into this bar – the control at the entrance is very strict. There is no food in Double Down Saloon – only alcohol where best craft beer breweries at affordable prices. One of the advantages of this bar (except for a very underground atmosphere) is its own patio, where you can hang out in the fresh air.

Foley’s NY

best beer bars in USA

A sports bar with a very cool interior, which is right next to the Empire State Building. All the walls of the institution are hung from and to sports equipment: from baseballs to chairs from stadiums. Although the bar was originally more of a baseball bar, now all sports are broadcasted there, and you don’t particularly find fans of a particular team. The bar cooks well, there is a full range of alcohol, but the price tag is already more standard than average. But the atmosphere is worth splitting up a little. Because of this, it is included in the list of best beer bars in America.

Lutze Bar

best American beer

Formally, the bar is located in Jersey, that is, to get into it, you need to move across the river. But don’t let that scare you – the whole journey by transport will take no more than 15 minutes. And the uniqueness of the institution is that it is located in a green area and looks like a small beach. But the coolest thing here is the view of Manhattan and the best beer list. You can chill on a sun lounger and watch the epic sunset over New York. The bar is open only in spring and summer (be sure to check the information on the website before visiting). In the open space of the bar, there is even a stage where local musicians periodically perform. The establishment is German, so there you can drink, respectively, German beer with currywurst.

Pier A Harbor Hourse

best craft beer

Another summer bar is located in the old pier building in Down Town. Its feature is that the tables are right on the street, along the pier, from where an unreal view of the sunset opens in the evening. And also the Statue of Liberty is perfectly visible from there. The choice of food and drinks is standard, but we advise you to go here not only for food but for views and atmosphere. Since not everyone knows where the best beer bars are.

Sam Adams Boston Lager

best beer bars

Big breweries pour out more beer than I make in a year, said Jim Cook, founder of the Boston Beer Company, in early ads for his Samuel Adams brand. In the 90s, these advertisements attracted many beer drinkers to craft brewing, which was then warmly called microbrewing. But Samuel Adams grew quickly, and their flagship Boston Lager became the first craft beer to be found in almost every beer list across the country. Samuel Adams has introduced craft beer to more people than any other brand.

Beer in America is an important element of the consumer basket. This product is produced by more than 3,000 breweries, from home micro-enterprises to the largest alcoholic groups. The United States ranks 15th in the world in terms of beer consumption per capita, while the country is second only to China in terms of total beer sales. In 1919, the 19th Amendment came into force, which banned the sale of alcohol in the United States (the famous ban), as a result of which many old breweries were closed or retrained to produce soft drinks and it was difficult to find the best beer bars.Now you know all the best beer bars in the USA and you can visit them if you relax there!

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