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Find Out What Is the Best Laser Tag Set: A Complete Guide to Laser Tag Gear

professional laser tag equipment for home use

There is an opinion that laser tag gear is a game for children. Say, and there is no pain and a lot of arcades and easy taggers. Only teenagers and mothers are interested in playing. Today, we want to review the 5 best laser tag guns that are ideal for adults and will make you reconsider your attitude towards laser tag. All laser tag kits are available for purchase, but not every customer will be able to endure hours of play with such models.

Laser tag has become extremely popular this summer, and, according to inquiries in Wordstat, it has almost doubled interest in itself over the year. Today, numerous advertising materials urge people to play laser gun shooting games at special venues, quests are arranged right in the courtyards of residential areas, a bunch of offers of different durations and price categories.

With such an abundance of offers, it is not obvious whether it is necessary to buy your personal laser tag multiplayer for individual use, as far as is appropriate? Another thing is to get together with friends, recruit a team, agree with everyone, come, shoot, leave – also a whole quest even before the quest.

So a personal professional laser tag equipment for home use is quite a good idea. And there are such kits in the ArmoGear range. And they seemed cool to us. There is a choice for two or four players. They differ only quantitatively, so let’s talk about the sets using the example of a double set. The set consists of two elements: a tag (tag) and a pistol.

Such a mark is worn on the player’s chest and programmed with the “Team” button for the color of the team for which he will play. It also has an on-off button and a speaker that notifies with a sound signal that the player has been hit. Light vibration notifies me about this.

On the chest, it all looks very “Tonistarkian”, but does not interfere with movement. The only thing to pay attention to is that the belts are not adjustable. And if they somehow stretch on an adult, then on a child they will have to be sutured.

The indication around the center diode is divided into three sections. For each shot, a percentage of life will be taken away, and after all three bars are exhausted, the player will hear Game Over.

TOP 5 Laser Tag Set for Adults

PPSh-M “Papasha” Will Surprise You

Learn about historical tags and the best laser tag equipment used in laser tags and show your best. PPSh-M “Papasha” The weapons are exactly the same as their combat counterparts and are popular with people preparing for historical scenarios. Entourage, wood log, soft-trigger view, this tagger would definitely not be used in the game. Many argue that turning such a tagger into something else would be a real crime.

Next AK-105 “Bars”

Next AK-105

Great design, popular with cruel weapon lovers. A durable body that can wear steel casting, bolt-on charging, and play thousands of games. The set weighs 3.55 kg, so it is definitely not suitable for women.

In other words, Bars are suitable only for those who are confident in their abilities. In the game, you often see a situation where players wear it and say: “No, it’s heavy, give us less.” If you want to feel the strength and freshness of steel, AK-105 Bars are one of the best options in terms of price/reliability/quality ratio, the best laser tag kit for the home.


pm laser

Weapons cannot be ignored, especially when there is PN. The smartest, smallest and most popular pistol in the world is now available in a playable version. Because of their appearance and compactness, pistols are popular as auxiliary weapons, especially for adult laser markers. MP saves players when they run out of “simple” ammo or when they have to “work” in a room where mobility is more important than firepower. The best home laser tag system pistol is highly regarded for adult laser tag and is recommended for use in all laser tag kits.

Svd-S Hunter Is One of the Most Expensive Toys

Svd-S Hunter

Many call it the coolest laser tag game set with vests in the entire line of laser sniper rifles. In fact, this is difficult to argue with. Check it out: a wrestling analog, a folding cane, like a real-life view. Many dreams of this, but few know how to handle it in battle. And why is the role of a sniper one of the most important in the arena? Everyone knows: one of the SWDs is the complete separation of machine guns from fighters. Point shots are worth their weight in gold, and positioning yourself with this gun is not ea

And the Last One Is the RPK-74M Grad

RPK-74M Grad

If you lack the power of the AK-105, the incomparable RPK-74M Grad awaits you in the machine gun compartment. It is even heavier and longer, and the machine gun itself is equipped with folding bipods. For many players, the “adult laser tag” began with this tagger. A machine gun equipped in the sands can give the enemy a lot of trouble, suppress the enemy with fire, and destroy several attack aircraft with a few hits. Includes ratchet, solid shaft, and finished look. And what is the best laser tag set is up to you! We hope our information is useful to you.

Of course, the top five are subjective and positions in them are easily changed. However, we trust the opinion of experienced players. There are not 100 warriors behind this. If you choose a tagger from this list, you will not encounter any errors. In each category, you can get a reliable assistant to guide you through copper, water, and fire pipes.

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