What Is a Good Pipe Tobacco for Beginners? Tobacco That Will Suit Novice Smokers!

If you are a beginner, then for sure your eyes widen when choosing the best starter tobacco pipe. You are already looking forward to the time when you can enjoy pleasant experiences and enjoyment. At the same time, all of you need to choose the right tobacco so that your undertaking is easy. Thus, you can get involved in smoking other different types of tobacco stronger. Today we will just look at examples of tobacco for those who want to know the culture of smoking.

best pipe tobacco for beginners

How To Choose Pipe Smoking for Beginners?

Pipe tobacco isn’t just tobacco per se. This is a mixture of different varieties of tobacco, components that have gone through different stages of processing. By mixing these components in different proportions, blenders achieve different “sounds” of the final tobacco mixture. Some components give the tobacco a rich taste, others give the mixture strength and aroma. There are components that “work” like spices and that can either improve the overall taste of pipe tobacco or ruin it hopelessly.

It is worth noting that if you are just starting to get to know the tobacco industry, it is important to start not with any tobacco that you come across on the advice of friends. It is important to take into account some features in order not to spoil the impression of smoking at all. Here are the criteria that are important for pipe smoking for beginners to be followed:

  • not strong and not outstanding (strong and bright tobaccos can be discouraging);
  • natural or with acceptable flavoring (this would make it possible to understand what pipe tobacco is in general);
  • the simplest and most convenient cutting (fewer errors when stuffing the tube);
  • inexpensive, without overpayment for the brand and packaging (budget savings).

What Is a Good Pipe Tobacco for Beginners?

best pipe tobacco for beginners

There are more than a hundred types of good beginner pipe tobacco, and it is simply impossible to name only one as the best. You can choose the best tobacco for yourself only by trial and error, relying on your taste. But we will consider the main varieties and highlight their features so that when buying you can count not only on intuition.


pipe smoking for beginners

Burley isn’t just a component, it is a variety, and one of the most common varieties of tobacco used in the creation of pipe tobacco blends. Its popularity is due not only to its natural characteristics but also to the peculiar versatility of this tobacco, expressed not only in the return of its taste but also in the absorption of third-party flavoring additives. By itself, Burley is a low-sugar, often high-strength tobacco that burns slowly and coolly.


pipe smoking for beginners

Cavendish is usually obtained from Burley or Virginia by aging tobacco leaves under pressure, most often subjecting the tobacco to heat treatment during pressing. This helps to “extract to the surface” the natural sugar of the tobacco leaf, which, of course, is reflected in the taste of tobacco. It isn’t uncommon for Cavendish to be further sweetened and flavored during cooking, creating even more variation on best pipe tobacco for beginners.


pipe smoking for beginners

Kentucky tobacco is a “derivative” of the Burley variety, the leaves of which are subjected to fire drying, due to which the tobacco retains its strength and acquires a dense, rich aroma. In addition, Kentucky can be subjected to other methods of processing, but the “languishing” of hanging tobacco leaves in barns, in the smoke of smoldering logs, is its distinctive feature.


good beginner pipe tobacco

Like Kentucky, Latakia is tobacco leaves that have been smoked in hot smoke. But as the basis for this component of the mixture, not Burley is taken, but Oriental varieties of tobacco (usually Smyrna), which themselves already have a characteristic, unique taste. Using only a certain type of wood for smoking gives the tobacco a recognizable and quite powerful aroma.


good beginner pipe tobacco

Oriental is the name for a whole group of tobacco grown in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and other countries. Tobacco from each region has its taste differences, but most often the presence of this tobacco in the tobacco mixture is simply referred to as “Orientals”. Oriental leaves are small and are typically dried in the open sun.


good beginner pipe tobacco

Perique is just one of those “seasonings” that we talked about above. Due to the rather complex and lengthy processing that tobacco leaves are subjected to, Perique acquires a peculiar bright and rather rich taste and aroma.


best starter tobacco pipe

Virginia is one of the most sought-after varieties of tobacco in the world. Its leaves contain a fairly large amount of natural sugar, and Virginia’s “disposition” to various types of fermentation and tobacco processing methods allows for many flavors in the final tobacco.

The best pipe tobacco is a combination of several varieties intended for smoking in a pipe. The most famous varieties are Virginia and Burley. To give a pleasant aroma, special substances are often added or several varieties of the classic collection are mixed into one.

Each mixture has a special property and smell. To experience the full picture of the fusion of aromas and taste, and, therefore, to get the full pleasure of smoking, you need to choose the right product. Novice consumers should refrain from overly bitter and specific brands.

The remaining varieties of tobacco filler are a combination of the listed categories together or one tobacco product with spices. There are such types of tobacco:

  • Aromatics;
  • Latakia blends;
  • Original Virginia (classic or spiced).

In addition to the groups presented, tobacco is divided into Danish and English. The first category includes aromatics, the second classic Latakia and Virginia. There is also a French group duet of pipe filler with cigarettes, but in our country, it would be impossible to find them.

When choosing the best tasting pipe tobacco for beginners, it would be more correct to focus not only on the composition of the filler but also on the sauce in which it is soaked. The sauce can be neutral, giving only the consistency of the collection, or flavoring. The latter type affects the flavor of the smoke. Elite products are moistened with natural ingredients such as honey, fruits, etc. Cheaper tobaccos are content with chemical substitutes.

And so, although you are a beginner, now you will become a real connoisseur of good starter pipe tobacco. We recommend starting with the lightest tobacco that suits your taste. By the way, you can try several types, knowing different tastes and varieties. After that, you can already move on to heavier tobaccos. We are sure that if you try at least one of the types of tobacco, you will want to try it.

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