Most Popular Podcasts for Guys: Podcasts for Those Who Want to Improve Life!

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Previously, podcasts weren’t as interesting as they are now. Today there are almost 2 million podcasts for young men, women, families, and everyone on various platforms. Listening to podcasts has become a popular way to learn useful information to improve yourself and change your perception of the world. But is it possible to somehow find good podcasts for men among so many audio recordings? Yes! And today we will introduce you to them.

Top Podcasts for Men

And so, in our list of the most popular podcasts for guys, we have added useful and motivational examples that would surely come in handy on the way to creating your ideal life and other aspects. All of them have incredible ratings and positive listener reviews, so you should listen to each of these podcasts for men.


podcasts for men

This is a great podcast for athletes and those who work hard. Here we are talking about athlete Chandler Smith, coach Ben Bruno, and their difficult but successful paths. The main narrator, who is a psychotherapist, explains to everyone how the physical and emotional pain of a person are connected, and also why it is important to keep both of them in good shape. In addition, the CEO of Nike also left a few words in this the best podcast for men. He talked about how he practices meditation and helps to teach listeners this so that they, in turn, can control themselves and their condition. In addition, the topics of gratitude and support were touched upon here, which are also important for every person to study.

Finding Mastery

the best podcast for men

Some very important and interesting personalities contributed to this podcast, including psychologist Michael Gervais, writer James Clear, and behavioral change expert Cathy Milkman. All of them would tell you how popular world celebrities use the possibilities of their minds to unlock their potential in a person and develop him to the maximum state. In addition, there you can hear a lot of useful tips about improving your performance even under serious conditions. So if you’re looking for one of the great podcasts for men that can get you on the right track and develop your strengths, this podcast should be at the top of your listening list.

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

motivational podcast for men

Are you bogged down in a daily routine that drives you more and more into a depressive state, and the desire to develop completely disappears? In this Spotify podcast for men, Bruce Daisley interviewed some experts with complex chores and repetitive jobs who talked about the complexities of this and the solution to how they got out of it. Because different people from different areas were chosen, you would be able to choose the best option for yourself to rid yourself of a tedious routine. In addition, there would be information on how to transfer your work to a more comfortable environment, or rather, to your home. A former Twitter employee shared this in a podcast, so you can be sure that his tips would come in handy.

Huberman Lab

top podcasts for men

You can easily take any online course and learn everything about biohacking, but would it get the desired result? But what if you replace this almost pointless paid training with the best podcasts for guys from Professor Andrew Huberman? Here the man talks about his special studies and their results. He proved that there is a special connection between the brain and muscles. A specialist in neuroscience and ophthalmology can teach you how your brain can control your body’s processes such as muscle growth, body endurance and improve the quality of learning. It may seem unrealistic to you, but when you hear how it happens, it can forever change the state of your body and not only!

The Growth Equation

podcasts for guys

The podcast was created thanks to the incredible collaboration of trainers Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. Men are very good and understandable in telling important material, and if fully understood, it would bring unbelievable benefits in your career, hobbies, and other aspects of life that require you to reach ever greater heights. Motivational podcast for men would teach you how to properly manage your routine and rearrange it to make it more interesting and varied, and organize your productive space. In addition, you would be able to learn how to manage your daily workload and distribute it so that you have enough energy for other daily activities. In addition, it talks about a special combination of stress, rest, and growth, which would show you the optimal balance of these components for maximum results.

How Do You Cope?

best podcasts for guys

Live on BBC Radio 5, storytellers talk to a variety of people about common problems they’ve had to deal with and how they’ve found solutions. Someone talked about their frequent anxiety attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder on the way to becoming a person and their talent, they talked about life in conditions of disability and difficulties in work. Leaders and people together also advise other people that would help to overcome difficulties easier, or at least make them less important if this isn’t removed from your life. The main goal of the podcast is to show all listeners that no matter what problems you have, this isn’t the end of life, and you need to fight difficulties to the end, but overcome them with smiles and laughter. We think that our descriptions of these popular podcasts for men were able to interest you already at this stage. As we have already said, we advise you to listen to all the podcasts, because they would certainly affect your life in a good way and send you to even greater success and pleasure from life. No need to try to listen to them all as quickly as possible. It would be better if you take your time to think about the meaning of the words of the podcast. In this case, you would get the most out of listening to podcasts for guys. Which one would you like to start with?

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