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What Is a Streetfighter Bike – Learn the History of Streetfighter Sport Bikes, Full Leadership

streetfighter motorcycle

Daring and aggressive, with a classic appearance, but a sporty character – this is how streetfighter motorcycles are created. These are the kind of superheroes who have descended from the pages of comics to the city streets. And this comparison is no coincidence – after all, back in the 80s of the last century, the prototypes of “street fighters” were drawn in British comics. No fairings, passenger seat, windshield, and other details that distract from fast driving – such were the streetfighters depicted in the pictures, and so they have become in life. The first representatives of the class began to appear when the owners of sportbikes took off excess uniforms and driver protection, and left the garage ready for adventure.

Among the sports motorcycle types, one of the most successful independent types has recently appeared – the streetfighter motorcycle, which is a of class motorcycles that differ from other sports motorcycles in that no plastic parts are used in the design, and therefore the motorcycle is lighter and is designed for city driving.

Streetfighter Style Motorcycles

The interest in “naked streetfighter” is also fueled by contemporary pop culture. This is how the character of Ryan Reynolds rides in the image of Deadpool on a fairly redesigned, but still recognizable, Suzuki SV1000. And Rockstar Games (the creators of the GTA series of games) went even further and developed a hybrid Honda CB400N and Yamaha RZ250 for Vice City, and for the fifth version online created a formidable Vortex, based on the Ducati 1199 Panigale.

Japanese manufacturers remain the most recognizable and successful in conquering high speeds. But among the daring streetfighters there is one “European” which cannot be passed by” the Ducati Streetfighter. If its photos seem familiar to you, then you are one of those who love movies about speed. After all, this “fighter” was ridden by the heroine Gal Gadot in the fifth “Fast and the Furious”. And the real owners of the Ducati Streetfighter get:

  • 1100 cc engine,
  • 155 horsepower,
  • 6-speed gearbox,
  • DDA module,
  • immobilizer,
  • multi-plate clutch.

This 169 kg best streetfighter has a top speed of 260 km / h. At the heart of the latest models lies the technologically advanced Testastretta engine, which is powered exclusively by EURO-4 gasoline. If you want to feel like an action hero, then Ducati Streetfighter is for you!

Let’s move from Europe to Asia – here, as always, the “Big Japanese Four” are Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki are in the lead.

So, what does the Land of the Rising Sun offer to speed lovers?

  • The Kawasaki Z1000 is a 1-liter naked model, the progenitor of which is the Z series of the 1970s. Modern configurations are equipped with ABS, LED optics, large disc brakes, a modern instrument panel, and other benefits that make the ride more comfortable. The steel frame was replaced by an aluminum one after 2009.
Kawasaki Z1000
  • Kawasaki ER-4N is a young representative of the class, which first rolled off the assembly line in 2010. The presence of a 400 cc motor indicates that the naked was created for the Japanese market. At 44 hp, the model is capable of accelerating to 170 km / h and reaching a hundred in 5.5 seconds. The average fuel consumption is 4.17 liters. For 100 km. paths.
Kawasaki ER-4N
  • The Kawasaki ER-6F is one of the few 600cc sports tourists. The Kawasaki streetfighter version is crafted in plastic, while the Kawasaki ER-6N is crafted naked. Both configurations are able to overcome the 200 km/h mark and are equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, chain drive, and fuel injection.
Kawasaki ER-6F
  • The Yamaha XJ6N is a successor, and a kind of budget version, of the nineties-born Yamaha XJ600S Diversion. The naked version of the XJ6N was produced in 2016, at which it it was replaced with a “lined” version. It is quite simple, but rational equipment here: a steel frame, piston brakes, an oversized gas tank with a capacity of 17.3 liters, a rear monoshock, and a telescopic fork. There are also configurations with ABS.
Yamaha XJ6N
  • Yamaha MT-07 – naked, launched in 2014, and quickly won the public’s sympathy. Its character is encrypted in the name. MT stands for Masters of Torque, and this fighter is true to its name. The engine here is designed in such a way that, at a seemingly unimpressive power of 75 hp. maximum torque of 68.0 Nm is available at low revs.
Yamaha MT-07 - naked
  • Yamaha MT-09 is the flagship of the Yamaha street fighter series, equipped with a 3-cylinder, 115-horsepower liquid-cooled engine. The standard 6-speed gearbox has been replaced in the latest configurations by a quick-shifter, which allows you not to think about the clutch.
Yamaha MT-09
  • The Suzuki GSR 750 is the successor to the GSX-R750 sportbike, with increased traction at low revs. The model has a rather urban appearance with a steel frame, an inverted fork, and an oversized exhaust system. The 4-cylinder engine produces 106 horsepower and is capable of accelerating the structure to 250 km / h.
Suzuki GSR 750
  • Suzuki B-King is relatively mature among its brothers, and its concept was presented at the very beginning of the 2000s. It uses a more expensive aluminum frame, a longer wheelbase. And although the B-King looks different from its contemporaries, with an adjustable suspension, 146 Nm of torque at low and medium revs, and a traction control system, it can still compete on the road today.
Suzuki B-King

So, now that you’ve learned about the top streetfighter bikes, we are ready to move on to our history lesson.

History of Street Fighter Sport Bikes

Streetfighter motorcycles can be characterized as a kind of hybrid of a sports and classic motorcycle. They look very powerful and show off their muscles and technical characteristics. If you see a naked torso of a motorcycle on the street, you can immediately determine that this is a streetfighter motorcycle. It has neither upholstery and fairings nor a windshield, so you feel the entire flow of air with your body.

Uncompromising design, powerful engine, high-quality tuning of the engine chassis, good handling, sporty-dynamic nature of the movement, everything that allows you to get away from the chase – all this is a streetfighter motorcycle. Street fighter bike is recognized as energetic and sharp in turns, so the rider must be equally flamboyant. He must have a bold and confident performance in his driving, because the road is a stage, and the streetfighter plays the main role in it.

How to Choose a Streetfighter

When choosing a streetfighter type motorcycle, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • front and rear suspension;
  • type of wheels (preferably light type forged wheels);
  • protection of the drive belt and front fender. They must be made of a very lightweight material that reduces the weight of the motorcycle;
  • engine power;
  • fuel level and rate of its consumption;
  • optimal driving mode;
  • range of power and torque distribution;
  • traction control and data processing system;
  • the braking system, especially if you choose a streetfighter for racing;
  • suspension type;
  • disk system.

Depending on the tuning, a special aerodynamic body kit, high-performance suspension, and high-quality brakes can be installed in the unit. Best streetfighter motorcycle’s modern optics can be transformed just like in a science fiction movie – LED optics and triangular tail lights can be installed at the front and rear of the motorcycle. The predatory glance of the main headlights is able to create an unsurpassed motorcycle effect, especially at night, and warn moving vehicles at a great distance.

With the help of the services of the designer, you can redo the raider’s landing for a more sporty one and lower the steering grips. The adjustment is made according to the driver’s height so that the back and legs stay numb even after a long ride. You can make a narrow gas tank for driving comfort, especially in city traffic jams. All motorcycles are not equipped with a windshield, but you can install it yourself so that, it would be a good companion even on highway trips.

In addition to all the characteristics, you can make a compact bright dashboard, just like the motorcycle itself. Light indicators can be made in different colors, especially at night you will create an unusual sight.

Most riders want the motorcycle to roar when the throttle is first opened. With streetfighter tuning, you can make the powertrain sharp by upgrading the engine with a new intake chamber and zero resistance filter. It is imperative to replace the cylinder block, special balancing holes appear between them, as a result of which the loss of power during the movement of the piston is reduced.

An important characteristic of a sharp start is the modernization of the exhaust system. You can get rid of the valve in the muffler, which affects the exhaust sound, and to prevent choking the engine. Streetfighter motorcycles are actually really cool cars.
Now you know what is a streetfighter bike, and you can be able to independently choose a suitable unit for yourself.

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