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Types of Steak Cuts: Definition, the Best Types and All You Need to Know about Steaks

best steak type

There are many types of steaks to grill. In this article, we want to tell you the most popular ones.


Perhaps it is the best type of steak to grill that is popular all the world. It is removed from the thick edge of the dorsal part of the bull’s chest – from the 6th to the 12th rib. In the United States, the rib eye is often referred to as rib-eye steak, and boneless steak is called spencer, or rib-eye itself. On the other hand, in Australia, ribeye is called bone steak, and the boneless version is called scotch fillet (“Scottish fillet”).

This type of steak cuts consists of muscles that have minimal stress during the life of the animal, so the meat fibers are soft and tender. This steak has four muscles – spinalis dorsi (the top of the steak, very fat, with loose meat fibers, is considered the most delicious part, separated from the rest of the steak by a large layer of fat), multifidus dorsi, longissimus dorsi and longissimus costarum.

What’s the Best Type of Steak?

best type of steaks

Cowboy steak

This is the same ribeye, only on a short rib (in Russia, cowboy steak is often called simply ribeye on the bone). Average weight – 600 g. If you cook this type of steaks cuts on the grill, then first darken it for fifteen to twenty minutes in the cold zone, turning it over every five minutes, and then quickly fry on both sides over high heat a crust forms until appetizing.

Striploin Is One of the Best Types of Steaks for Grilling

He’s a New York steak (he got this name because it’s New York’s signature dish, Delmonico’s). It is cut from a thin fillet located in the lumbar region of the carcass after the 13th rib. A strip of fat runs along the perimeter of the steak, sometimes it is cut off.

We really can say that it is the best type of steak. Striploin is characterized by large and dense meat fibers and low content of intermuscular fat. It is more aromatic than ribeye, with a pronounced meaty flavor, but the stripe needs an eye and an eye. It is very easy to dry it; First you need to cook the striploin over high heat, then over low heat (in the case of charcoal grilling, first over high heat, then in a colder zone).

Filet Mignon Is One of the Tasty Types Steak Cuts

Steak from the tenderloin, that is, the psoas major muscle. This muscle practically does not participate in the life of animals, there are almost no connective tissues in it, so it remains very soft. The entire tenderloin is a long piece of meat that resembles a pencil, thickened on one side and sharpened on the other. For fillet mignon, the second part is used – a narrow one, it is believed that it is the most delicate in taste. It is cut into small cylinders – from 3 to 6 cm thick.

On average, one animal can only provide 500 grams of meat for this the best steak type, which is why this steak is so expensive. But at the same time, many connoisseurs of fried beef do not like it too much. Filet mignon contains practically no intramuscular fat, its taste is creamy-velvety tenderness, but not fleshy expressiveness. It is appreciated for its juiciness and softness, but not for the taste and aroma of meat, therefore it is conventionally called a “female” steak (as opposed to a “male”, brutal “New York” or tibon).

So, if you have a question what is the best type of steak we can exactly suggest you to buy this one (Filet Minion).


It also can be known as the best type of steak to buy. Chateaubriand is also made from the tenderloin – only from the wider part of it. Unlike fillet mignon, it is cooked whole, and not cut – so this is a serving for two, unless, of course, there is a person for whom half a kilogram of beef, even lean, does not present any digestive problems. Probably, this was the viscount and the writer François-René de Chateaubriand, after whom, according to one version, this steak was named. However, there is another version – about the city of Chateaubriand, where high-quality livestock was raised.

When cooking, of this the best type of steaks must first be sealed on all sides over high heat, and then brought to the desired degree of roasting over a quieter fire – or sent to the oven preheated to 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes, depending on the degree of roast you want. Then let the steak rest in a warm place. A classic chateaubriand is a well-done crust, a thin layer of well-done, then medium, and finally soft flesh with the blood in the center.


If you don’t know what type of steak to buy, you can read now about T-Bone Steak.

The name (T-Bone Steak) fully corresponds to the appearance – it is a steak made of two parts of muscles, separated by a T-shaped bone. On the one hand, there is a tender, lean tenderloin, on the other, a brutal steak with a rich meaty taste. The further from the head the steak was cut, the larger it is and the more tenderloin (filet mignon) it contains. The largest steaks with a tenderloin diameter larger than the size of a golf ball are called porterhouse.

Now we are sure that after reading our article you will not have a question: “whats the best type of steak” anymore!

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