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Best Way to Drink Whiskey!

drinking whiskey straight

Many people ask how to drink whiskey when they start their acquaintance with such a drink. There is a lot of information online, as well as in books, often contradictory. Many “gurus and “experts teach that adding ice is evil and that you should drink the right drinks from the right glasses, etc. And what do people from the whisky industry, recognized authors think? Well, we can only join the opinion of whisky industry representatives in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States with one very simple recommendation – Drink Whisky as You Like!

You can add ice, water, or make whiskey-based cocktails if you like. Most of the whisky is made for this purpose. Take a glass of any shape you prefer and lie comfortably in your hand. You bought whiskey, you paid the money, and you are the owner of this bottle – so drink as you like and do not listen to anyone! Like to combine with food – combine it! Now, the theme of food pairing is very popular, and it receives a lot of attention. The main thing is to consume whiskey responsibly! Remember that alcohol in large quantities is a poison.

American manufacturers say in one voice: “We make whiskey to drink it, not to make a collectible cult. True whisky lovers believe that every bottle of whisky should be open and nourished. In our opinion, about 90% of all whisky produced is made with one goal in mind – to be drunk. And only now there is a layer – whisky for collectors, madly expensive, in steep decanters, etc., which no one will ever taste.

How to Drink Whiskey Neat?

ways to serve whiskey

With the growth of snobbism, the gap with reality grows, and many molt maniacs begin to evaluate whiskey, originally intended for consumption in cocktails, with ice or with soda. But the tasks of drinks are different – most of them are made for simple consumption, and only a small one exclusively for maniacs. Therefore, it is necessary to return to reality and assess the products in terms of their original purpose. There are different ways to drink whiskey, but our answer will be the same – drink as you like. This is the best way to enjoy whiskey.

Many people prefer to drink clean whiskey without adding anything. Yes, if you do, it is unlikely that you will give up a cool whiskey-based cocktail, but at home, it will bother few. Also, do not use either soda or ice – as it is very popular abroad, even in Scotland. Many people do not like to disassemble the flavor of the whiskey. Art lovers like to watch how the drink changes or not with time, how the flavors play in the mouth and in the aftertaste. All this is the process that makes you enjoy drinking whiskey. Many acquaintances, when they start describing whiskey, wonder where all these notes come from. After all, for many, the process of consumption is more about not burning your mouth badly, that you drink softly, and there is no unpleasant sensation left after a sip has been made. This is the so-called Wall, which Lew Bryson describes very well in his book “Tasting Whiskey.

How much whiskey to drink? The essence is that the body initially perceives strong alcohol as harm to it (which, in fact, that’s why you shouldn’t abuse it), and when you take a sip, the brain gives out pain impulses to the nerve endings to protect it from further consumption.

That’s why you can’t feel anything but burning spice. Well, the author was recommended to train himself gradually, but regularly, in very small doses, so that the body gets used to new products and removes the mechanism, which in the end will allow distinguishing the wealth of flavors and aromas that carry a glass of whiskey. We remind you that it’s only a question of starting to feel all the nuances of the drink, not to go to large doses.

And so, having figured out how you can start to understand the nuances of the drink, let’s move on to the three main ways to drink whiskey, which you can practice:

  • Tasting
  • Enjoy a good whisky
  • Just drink whiskey

Tasting is a separate and complex process that takes the main time and requires a separate and detailed description. So let’s skip it for now. And let’s look at the other two. Don`t drink whiskey straight at this stage.

Just drink whiskey. There are situations when you really do not want to think and bother but just sit with a glass of whisky at home, or with friends, or at a concert. Suited good mixed whisky, malt whisky (both single production and mixed), and regular bourbon for these purposes are perfect. The shape of the glass can be absolutely any, the main feature – a massive thick bottom of the glass.

Enjoy a good whisky. Here we will worry about when to drink whiskey? You already want to do it in a calm atmosphere, in no hurry, and with the right glass that reveals the whole rich palette of whiskey. Practically – it’s like a tasting, just without any notes, and pure pleasure in the process and in the drink itself.

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