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The Great BMW Wants To Introduce a 31-Inch 8K Smart TV Into Their Popular Cars

bmw cinema

The popular company BMW wants to transform cars into rolling cinema. After the successful presentation of comfortable lounge chairs, they announced the idea to introduce a great 31-inch 8K smart TV in the car. It will be a new screen for the rear passengers and the feelings won’t differ from the usual cinema visit.

Due to the 5G connection, the car will stream the newest shows on demand. There isn’t a lot to watch at 8K now but modern technologies continue to amaze us, so your vehicle will be ready for innovation. You will be able to extend it out of the headliner.

new bmw mode

The fresh displays and operating system feature My Mode. Also, many new modes will roll out by the end of the year. To make a qualitative sound BMW cooperated with Hans Zimmer film music composer.

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