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Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robots Impressed With Athletic Performances

Boston Dynamics Showed the Atlas Robot, Which Does Parkour and Backflips

Boston Dynamics published a video in which humanoid Atlas robots overcome various barriers. And they do it in the way of no worse than parkour masters showing spectacular backflips. The company has created a training ground for robots where one of them jumped twice from steep slopes. And another one ran over the log and along with the same inclined platforms, after which both robots climbed onto the platform and performed spectacular back flips twice. In the end, they both showed how happy they are that they have coped with the task. However, robots have a 50% chance of making mistakes with every step in the obstacle course. So, one of the robots stumbled slightly and swung his arm after performing a somersault. But it is still very difficult to notice these errors from the side, in general, his movements were very accurate.

Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robots Impressed With Athletic Performances

The engineers are going to change the movement of the bots in order to improve the process of the movement itself. They are confident that such training will allow robots to be used in everyday life in the near future. To do this, they need to correct a number of mistakes, including erratic behavior and spontaneous movement. If everything works out, robots will be able to do simple work for a person.

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