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Bottles of Wine Sizes: We Have Prepared For You Some Interesting Information to Read

The most popular and recognizable wine among all types of wine bottles is Bordeaux. Its main features are an elongated narrow cylinder and wide shoulders rounded at the base of the neck. The standard height of the product is 28–34 cm, diameter is 7–8 cm, the bottom is concave. This is a container for drinks produced on the left and right banks of the Gironde, red Tuscan wines. It is preferred by winemakers from the Old and New Worlds, who produce products in the style of burgundy. Red and white dry wines are bottled in green bottles, pink and sweet sauternes – in transparent ones.

The second most popular type of bottle is the Burgundy shape. There are several different sizes of wine bottles of this kind. The standard “burgundy” is a product with a massive base and sloping shoulders. Unlike the competitor from Bordeaux, it is shorter (27–31.5 cm) and wider (8–9 cm). The Rhone version looks like a Burgundy tar, but slightly higher and with a massive thickened neck.

Different size wine bottles matters

In addition to the most common wine bottles “Bordeaux”, “Burgundy”, “Flute” and “Champagne” there are others. Some of them are quite popular in certain regions, others are convenient in certain circumstances, and still, others contribute to better aging of the wine. There are also bottles of extremely rare shapes and sizes that are of particular interest to collectors. Let’s look at the main types of wine bottles, from the smallest to the largest.

Regular wine bottle size:

bottles of wine data-lazy-sizes

Standard – 750 ml. The most popular bottle volume today, containing 5-6 glasses of wine.

Standard wine bottles: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Flute and a champagne bottle have a volume of 750 ml. In an article that will be released in the near future, we will talk about why this particular volume has become the reference, and bottles of this shape are most widespread. We add that the Burgundy bottle is sometimes called the Rhone, although the Rhone bottle may be slightly taller and its neck larger. In turn, the “Flute” is also called the “Rhine” bottle, and in English-speaking countries, it is known as the “hawk”. Obviously, this is an abbreviation for the name of the center of the Rhine winemaking – the city and terroir of Hochheim.

Size of wine bottles:

An important characteristic of wine containers is volume. Most often, wine is bottled in 750 ml containers (standard size). But there are exceptions to the rule. What does Champagne Magnum mean? Just a volume equal to two standard – 1.5 liters (“magnum” from Latin – “large”). Since the beginning of the 18th century, names have been given to wine bottles of various sizes.

A normal wine bottle size 750 ml bottle is called “Imperial”. Small 200 ml – “quarter” or “Split”, larger containers (375 ml) – “half” or “Demi”. Large volumes of wine vessels are measured in magnums.

Here is a list of wine bottle size names:

size of wine bottles
  • quarter (also split or piccolo bottle) = 187.5 or 200 ml – used, in
  • mainly airlines and nightclubs
  • half (also Demi or half bottle) = 375 ml – used in restaurants
  • “normal” bottle (also Imperial [anperial]) = 750 ml
  • Magnum -1.5 L (equivalent to 2 bottles)
  • Jeroboam (Jeroboam) – 3 L (4 bottles or 2 magnums)
  • Rehoboam – 4.5 L (6 bottles or 3 magnums)
  • Methuselah (Math Jerusalem) – 6 L (8 bottles or 4 magnums)
  • Salmanazar – 9 l (12 bottles or 6 magnums)
  • Balthazar – 12 L (16 bottles or 8 magnums)
  • Nebuchadnezzar (Nabuchodonsor) -15 L (20 bottles or 10 magnums)
  • Cupronickel (Cupronickel) – 18 l (24 bottles or 12 magnums)
  • Solomon (Solomon) – 25 l
  • Primate – 27 L (36 bottles or 18 magnums)
  • Melkhisedek – 30 L (40 bottles or 20 magnums)

A small bottle of wine size

Mignonette – a bottle with a volume of 50 or even less, up to 250 ml. Its name comes from the French word “Mignon” – baby. These miniature bottles in a variety of shapes are popular collectibles.

Piccolo or “quarter” – one of the bottles of wine sizes with a capacity of 187.5 to 200 ml, which is approximately 1/4 of the volume of a standard 750 ml bottle. The word “piccolo” in translation from Italian means “small”. Piccolos, also called quart, split, snipe, and pony, are often offered on planes and hotel minibars.

Demi (from the French Demi – half) or “Fillette” (from the French word Fillette – little girl, daughter). Holds 375 ml of wine. This is ½ of the standard bottle, sometimes called “half”. A convenient format when you want to taste wine, but there is no desire or opportunity to buy a bottle of standard volume.

500 ml – these bottles do not have a specific name. Nevertheless, Jerez and some other wines are often poured into them.

Large wine bottle names

  • Rehoboam holds 4.5 liters of wine, this is the volume of 6 standard bottles.
  • Methuselah is a 6-liter bottle. Its volume is equal to 8 standard bottles.
  • The Solomon bottle is one of the rarest types of wine bottle names. Holds 25 liters of wine, i.e. approximately 33.3 standard bottles.
  • The Goliath bottle holds 27 liters or 36 standard bottles. It is also called “Primate”.
  • Melchisidek is a huge bottle that can hold 40 bottles or 30 liters of wine.

Magnum wine bottle sizes:

Magnum (fr. Magnum) – a type of champagne bottle used in France, with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

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