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Breaking Statement of Elon Musk: He Will Donate $100 Mln to the Inventor of Carbon Capture Tech

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We have huge news to tell you! Elon Musk has stated that he is going to donate $100 million to a person that will invent the best carbon dioxide technology that will enable to catch carbon dioxide. The richest man on the planet is going to create or invest in something new? Continue reading to know about it!

Elon Musk Is Going to Donate $100 Million Dollars!

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The owner of Tesla and SpaceX CEO, world-famous spaceman Elon Musk has tweeted that he wants to give 100$M in form of a donation or prize for a smart person that will create the best technology that can seize carbon dioxide.

What He Posted Exactly?

His Twitter account has more than 42,7 million followers. WOW! More than 28,1k comments, 398,5k likes, and over 48,8k retweets.

Musk, who reached Amazon originator Jeff Bezos to gained the achievement of the world’s wealthiest personality this month, wrote on Twitter late Thursday, announcing he would give more details next week.

Why This Technology?

Carbon capture is the method of catching waste carbon dioxide also straight from the air or just before it gets transmitted from energy factories.

Most of the gained carbon dioxide resides underground, but some of it can also be used to produce plastics and fizzy drinks.

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