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Bride Dumped a Groom Because He Didn’t Pass a Quick Mathematic Test

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A bride from India left her groom after he forgot the multiplication table during their wedding ceremony. The couple was going to get married on May 1st. Their identities are not yet known.

This all started when the bride decided to give the groom a quick test in mathematics, as she had long suspected that he had problems with education. According to the information, before the official ceremony started, the bride left the room where the celebration took place, saying that she could not marry a man who does not know simple mathematical rules.

Meanwhile, the bride’s relative said the groom’s family did not inform them that he had not received an education before the wedding. And now they assume that the groom’s family lied to them and he didn’t even visit school. But they are very glad that the brave girl was able to dump him without feeling fear of social taboos.

In the end, the two families made a deal to return all the gifts and jewelry they gave each other in advance of the failed ceremony.

Interestingly, this is not the first case of a similar situation that has occurred. In 2015, another Indian bride also dumped her fiancé after he failed a math test.

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