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British Marines Were Noticed Training to Board a Ship Using Special Jetpacks

British Marines

The marines from Britain were training to board a ship with a help of jetpacks that allowed them to fly over water. Such a jet suit was invented by a company from Britain called Gravity Industries. An unusual video, which resembled a shot from a fantasy movie, was published on Sunday. It shows the marines using jetpacks to launch from inflatable boats and land aboard.

The training lasted approximately three days and included 42 marines in order to explore other options to traditional boarding methods. With the help of a jetpack, the person can get off the speedboat, land on the ship, and finally deliver the ladder so that others can climb aboard.

The project is still experimental, but its main goal is to provide extremely quick access to any part of the target ship, instantly freeing the hands to carry weapons. 

The British army has not decided yet, whether or not they will buy this technology. In addition to the military, the use of jet suits is also possible for remote rescue operations, since suits allow doctors to arrive at a difficult-to-reach area to help a person in trouble. 

According to the Guinness Book, in 2019 the Gravity jet suit established a world record for the highest speed (over 85 mph) of a jet suit controlled by a human body.

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