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Building Muscle Diet: Read This To Expand Your Knowledge In Food For Muscle Building

muscle building lunch

Gaining muscle mass is an important task, first of all, for those involved in fitness and bodybuilding. Beginners, due to their inexperience, believe that it will be possible to become the owner of a beautiful body only if they train for several hours a day. But don’t rush. Exhausting exercise alone will not help you get the results. It is important to eat properly and maintain a diet for building muscle. We will tell how to do this in this article.

Optimal Diet: Food for building muscle

The number of meals in the diet for gaining weight in men can vary. On average, try to eat a little, but often: 4-7 times a day, with breaks of 2.5-3 hours. At least three meals should be high in protein. Such a diet promotes the production of growth hormones (very important for the muscles) and reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Muscle building food includes:

  • Breakfast is vital to energize the day ahead. It should consist mainly of carbohydrates (cereals) and proteins (eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt).
  • The main components of the lunchtime diet are complex carbohydrates (for example, whole-wheat pasta) and proteins (meat, fish). Add a vegetable dish seasoned with oil if desired (extra virgin and cold extra virgin oils have the most beneficial properties).
  • Make the right dinner from proteins and vegetables, it is better to postpone carbohydrates until the next morning. Eat the last time no later than 1-2 hours before bedtime. It should be an easily digestible protein that does not form a stone in the stomach – kefir or cottage cheese.
  • You can have a snack between main meals with fresh or dried fruits, dairy products. The best sources of healthy fats on a workout diet are nuts or avocados. Also, sports nutrition is great for a snack when gaining muscle mass.

Complementary foods for the building muscle diet

building muscle diet

If you can’t get enough protein using regular nutrition, ready-made sports nutrition is an excellent choice: dry protein for shakes and protein bars. In a sports diet, protein is contained in an easily digestible form and quickly provides the body with important building material for muscle fibers.

Proteins are great for:

  • snacking or changing one of the meals during the day;
  • a source of valuable amino acids 2-3 hours before training;
  • Supplements to prevent muscle loss after exercise.

To make the diets for muscle building diet more nutritious, you can try gainers – dry protein-carbohydrate mixtures in the proportion of 20-40% proteins and 60-80% fast carbohydrates. The most effective way to use this supplement is as follows:

  • as a snack in the morning, before lunch;
  • pre-workout to quickly replenish energy reserves (if you are generally active);
  • after an intense workout to close the protein-carbohydrate window.

The choice between a gainer and a protein should be based on objective needs. If the diet lacks protein, then it is better to take protein or a gainer with its increased content. If the only question is how to get more calories, feel free to buy any gainer.

Overall, supplements are a great and sometimes delicious source of quick energy, but they shouldn’t be a complete substitute for regular meals. For mass gain, building muscle food should be complete and varied.

Diet foods for building muscle

The golden rule for every athlete who decides to conquer the ladies with a well-built figure is to consume more than you spend. Do not be afraid that excess body fat will appear. Gaining muscle mass is a great stress for the body, and if you eat poorly, then instead of positive changes, the opposite process will occur. A metabolic disorder has not been beneficial to anyone yet, so it is important to know how many calories are needed for normal metabolism. Having learned the figure, you will understand how much you will have to consume in excess of this measure. Calculations can be made using the following formula:

weight (kg) x 30 = number of calories (Kcal)

In this case, as a rule, it is enough to “eat” 500 Kcal more. But do not forget about the individual characteristics of each athlete. If an ectomorph (prone to thinness) is not damaged even by 1000 Kcal, then for an endomorph (prone to overweight) more than 500 Kcal is overkill, which will make itself felt by the growth of adipose tissue and not muscle. To draw up muscle-building diets, the menu is important to know the calorie content of a particular product. This information will be gleaned from a special BJU table (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). It is not difficult to find it: it is freely available on the Internet.

The diet of great muscle building foods should be formulated in such a way that the average daily intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates is in the following proportions:

  1. proteins – 20% -30%;
  2. fats – 10% -20%;
  3. carbohydrates – 50% -60%.

If it is difficult to remember this percentage, understand another truth: there should be little fat, protein – no more than 2 grams per 1 kg of weight, and carbohydrates – 2 times more than protein.

Additional advice on diet for muscle building

diet for muscle building
  1. When playing sports, the state of water-salt metabolism in the body is very important. If there is not enough water or it does not linger, the muscles suddenly lose volume. If you consume too much water, it flushes out important micronutrients. It is best to drink mineral water with a high content of potassium in muscle building lunch, sodium, and chlorine, which retain water in the body and prevent muscles from “deflating”. Isotonic drinks from sports food stores are considered a good analog of natural mineral water.
  2. Carbohydrates are consumed at the time of the workout so that they process energy, and not be stored in excess body fat. Do not forget to consume carbohydrates in muscle-building dinner.
  3. Protein synthesis slows down during sleep. Therefore, immediately after waking up, be sure to have a proper breakfast. Listen to your body: if you are not able to eat the amount of food that you need according to the calculations of the daily calorie intake, do not suffer. In this case, it is better to replace one meal with a glass of protein shake, otherwise, the food-building muscle will not help.
  4. Make a menu for the week ahead. Pre-cooked and frozen meals will prevent you from disrupting the set schedule. The perfect muscle-building diet you can supply with strength training, in which you use basic exercises with a barbell and dumbbells. Muscles will not appear on their own, even with the most healthy nutrition. Regular aiming training is especially important for men with asthenic body types who find it difficult to pump up.
  5. During intense training, do not stick to a diet with severe restrictions, if you do not want to lose muscle mass – the body will seek to save energy under stress. Buy only quality products because if you will buy non-cheap muscle-building foods it will be not useful for your organism.
  6. Develop a workout plan that is intense enough for different muscle groups so that calories are converted to muscle, not fat, and keep an eye on building muscle foods.Watch out for food for muscle building, since this is the most important thing in gaining muscle mass. It is also very important to eat fish, in this, you can help salmon muscle building.
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