Octo Finissimo Ultra by Bulgari Broke the Watchmaking World Record Again

Bulgaris Octo Finissimo Ultra

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Octo Finissimo collection by Bulgari, the brand presented the slimmest model of the mechanical watch on the planet that broke the world record eight times. 

The model has just 1.8mm from front to back and beats the previous record that belonged to the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept (0.2mm).

Bulgari Celebrates Ten Years Of Its Octo With Eighth Watchmaking World Record For Thinness

The case is made of sandblasted titanium. The company spent three years creating not just the watch, but developing a bracelet and folding clasp of fitting sizes.

The watch can also boast of a power reserve of 50 hours because of a large mainspring barrel. The brand also installed two thumbwheels, one is aimed for winding and the other is designed to change the time.

In addition, they put a unique QR code on the mainspring barrels of the first 10 models of the watches that provide a link to see NFT artworks.

The watches are limited to 10 pieces and are already available for purchase for 440,000 dollars.

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