Calvin Ridley From Atlanta Falcons Was Suspended by the NFL for the 2022 Season

atlanta falcons calvin ridley

The famous sportsman which is included in the Atlanta Falcons was excluded from the 2022 season by the NFL. It happened due to the rumors that the man bet on games for five days in November 2021. The participation restriction is valid for at least the upcoming season.

At that time, Ridley had an injury and was removed from the games, otherwise, there is news that the man bet for some teams. The league considers gambling as a violation, so everyone who caught on this deal was immediately suspended. The NFL commissioner noticed that such activity demands the most severe sanctions.

The football star posted on social networks that he put in only $1500 and it is not a great problem in his opinion. We especially can’t wait for the next season to find out if the player will appear.

And what can you say about the decision? Do you follow the sportsman? Let us know in the comments below!

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