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Is Campari the Same As Aperol? Can They Be Substituted for Each Other?

campari vs aperol

Campari and Aperol drinks are similar in characteristics. Both are herbal liqueurs, both mysterious, delicious, and Italian. Moreover, Gruppo Campari recently acquired its competitor but plans to continue producing the drink. They make a difference. Let’s see today is Campari the same as Aperol, and is there a difference between them.

What Is Aperol?

As many experts say, Italian Aperol can hardly be attributed to any one category of drinks. Its slightly bitter taste is more like a bouquet of “weak” bitters. But the low strength of the aperitif immediately defines it in the category of liqueurs. Hence, there are some disagreements between the experts. Disputes about what Aperol is a bitter liqueur or a sweet bitter are still ongoing. However, you can call it simply “aperitif”.

what is campari

Italian Aperol differs from other drinks by its low alcohol content and rich taste. This is how the drink attracts fans. And you just can’t count how many wonderful cocktails you can make based on it.

The exact origin of the drink’s name is unknown. But there is speculation that “Aperol” takes its roots from the Italian “aperitivo”, which means “aperitif”. Perhaps the creators of the drink meant some kind of play on words. Since 2003, the brand has been owned by the large alcoholic concern Campari Group, but the new owners decided not to change the old production technology. The liqueur has been on the market for a hundred years, but it still doesn’t lose its relevance.

What Is Aperol Made Of?

According to the assurances of the issuing company, the recipe and method of making the drink have remained unchanged since 1919, which causes special respect among gourmets and connoisseurs of drinks.

The exact Aperol ingredients are understandably not disclosed. But the brand reports that about 30 flavoring ingredients have been introduced into the recipe, including bitter oranges, rhubarb, gentian, etc. The rich composition makes the taste of the drink so multifaceted. Aperol is produced according to the classic maceration technology is the infusion of herbal ingredients on an alcohol basis. Aperol’s signature orange color is due to the natural orange concentrate.

How Much Sugar in Aperol?

The beefeater contains about 100 grams of sugar per liter of drink, which is a fairly high figure, which is why it has a slightly higher calorie content and a sweet taste. That is why, so that it isn’t too cloying, it is mixed with other less sweet drinks, making moderately sweet cocktails like Aperol Spritz. In addition, thanks to this, it doesn’t have special products under which it eats, because it would suit absolutely everything, both meat and desserts, or simply drink it without snacks.

What Does Aperol Taste Like?

The main Aperol tasting notes are of course the orange, which has the greatest advantage of all other flavors. But at the same time, they perfectly complement it and create the unique taste that many lovers of this drink and cocktails from it know. You can add baby and other vegetation to such light shades.

Aperol Substitute

Here are some examples of how you can replace this well-known drink:

  • Contratto Aperitivo;
  • Select Aperitivo;
  • Luxardo Aperitivo;
  • Cappelletti;
  • Galliano L’Aperitivo;
  • Lillet.

What Is Campari?

Campari is an iconic bitter in a bright red color, an unrivaled symbol of passion and impeccable Italian style. The history of Campari began in 1860, when in the Italian city of Novara Gaspare Campari, after numerous experiments, created a drink with a characteristic bitter taste. Campari was completely different from the then-popular vermouth and aroused great interest from a sophisticated audience, which allowed him to become the new hero of Italian aperitif culture.

what is aperol

It is interesting to know that many tasters from different parts of the world claim that the drink can be considered something in between and special between liqueur, beater, and vermouth, which makes it special and unique.

The alcohol content of Campari is slightly higher compared to Aperol is 24-28% in contrast to the area. In addition, there are other products from this brand, where alcohol isn’t more than 10%, which has won many young audiences and lovers of non-spirits.

What Is Campari Made Of?

The recipe is the secret of the manufacturer. By the way, even employees who are directly involved in the production of the drink don’t know the full composition of the drink. Campari is produced as a tincture based on aromatic herbs and citrus fruits, then the resulting tincture is combined with sugar syrup and water. The bitter recipe contains over 60 ingredients, including myrtle orange, calamus, yellow gentian, cascarolla, and possibly finger rhubarb. Also, in Campari ingredients, you can feel the notes of spices and spices, as well as pleasant fruity and citrus notes that emphasize the special bitter taste.

In addition, it is interesting to know that during the entire existence of the drink, the recipe has changed only once. This concerned the dye. Previously, they used a natural dye made from carmine, and after 2006 the manufacturer replaced it with an artificial dye. Yes, technology has changed, but this didn’t in any way affect that very special taste.

What Does Campari Taste Like?

A multifaceted bittersweet Campari flavor based on an unusual combination of herbal extracts, aromatic plants, and citrus fruits. A unique flavor composition in combination with a rich spicy aroma and attractive red color makes all cocktails based on it simply incredibly tasty. Only when you start tasting the liqueur can you feel light notes of cherries and other berries, which are then accompanied by savory spices combined with cinnamon.

How Much Sugar Is in Campari?

It contains slightly less sugar than Aperol, but at the same time, due to its brightly colored bitter taste, the difference is quite noticeable. Although this is also a liqueur (and all liqueurs have approximately the same amount of sugar), the bitterness and strength overpower all the sweetness, making the drink less sweet, which distinguishes it from other types of liqueurs and bitters.

Campari Substitute

And here is the Campari alternative, which has a similar composition, taste, and strength:

  • Cappelletti Aperitivo Americano Rosso;
  • Contratto Bitter;
  • Leopold Bros;
  • Luxardo Bitter;
  • Meletti 1870;
  • Martini & Rossi Riserva Speciale Bitter Liqueur;
  • Tempus Fugit Gran Classico.

Campari vs Aperol

what is aperol made of

So that you can choose what you like best, you need to see the differences in it as clearly as possible. Several factors that make the difference between these drinks better:

  • Time of birth of the brand. It turns out that Campari was born almost sixty years earlier. Liqueur Campari is older, it appeared in 1860, and Aperol only in 1919. Aperol was also a family business, founded by two Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio.
  • Drinks of different colors. Aperol doesn’t use cochineal worms for coloring. Since 2006, however, they haven’t been used in Campari either, but the manufacturers have ensured that this doesn’t affect the color of the drink. As you can see, Campari color is richer than its competitor due to its composition.
  • They have different tastes. Aperol flavor is sweeter with orange notes and bitterness due to quinine. Campari is more bitter and more berry in flavor.
  • Aperol vs Campari calories. 100 ml of Aperol contains about 237 calories (this is just pure liquor, not a full-fledged cocktail). The calorie content of the second liqueur is similar, but still, a little more ー about 240 calories for the same volume, although at the same time it has fewer carbohydrates than Aperol.
  • They have different alcohol content. In this case, the statement is true: the redder the drink, the higher the alcohol content in it. Aperol contains from eleven (at home) to fifteen (in Germany) percent. And especially for the German and French markets, the brand makes the same Aperol, but with higher alcohol content. Due to specific internal laws in Germany and France, drinks with a strength of 15% by volume are sold. And Campari’s alcohol percentage is twenty-eight. Its strength is the same for all its types, as well as for some substitutes.
  • They have different uses. Aperol is commonly used in light, refreshing cocktails, while Campari is commonly used in stronger alcoholic cocktails such as Negroni or Americano.

Choosing which one would be the best is very difficult, isn’t it? Everything would depend on your preferences and tastes. If you love something light that you can drink at a party with glasses, then, of course, Aperol would be better. But if you are a fan of sitting with a strong Negroni with a cigar or delicious cheeses in a small company, then you already understand what priority you would have.

We think now you understand exactly what is Aperol tastes like and how it differs from Campari. We recommend that you don’t replace them with each other, otherwise, the resulting cocktails would have completely different tastes. But if you still want to try Aperol substitute for Campari or vice versa, then do it to see the difference. Perhaps you would create some new cocktail?

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