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Candles That Smell like Men’s Cologne: Top 20 Fragrances That Amaze Every Man!

him’s candles

If you are a man, you could hardly imagine that there are special masculine candles. Everyone is used to these scents like cinnamon, lavender, flowers, and vanilla. The time has come for masculine candle variations. Today we decided to tell you more about the choice of manly-smelling candles, and also show you some good examples that can fill your home with a special masculine atmosphere and, of course, aroma.

How to Choose Manly Scented Candles?

First, it is worth answering the question: “Why do you need scented candles just now?” Which of the masculine scented candles is better to choose depends on your answer. Even the most “ascetic manufacturer”, in the line of which there are only a few copies, candles are always divided according to such “functional” criteria as:

  1. Burning time. This is probably the main, numerical value that customers pay attention to. It is always interesting for us to calculate how many pleasant hours we will spend together with our favorite scent. The best candles for guys, of course, the longer, the better.
  2. Weight. As a rule, this value is always directly proportional to the burning time. The more weight, the longer the time of its “work” would be.
  3. Material or composition. From the above, we understand that from what components are included in male candle scents, we get that degree of pleasure. If you want to feel delighted from the process and aftertaste, carefully study the composition or trust your mood only to proven global brands. It’s simple.
  4. Dimensions (height/diameter) and shape. This already more likely refers to the decorative component of the aroma candle, but here, too, everything should be balanced. After all, they have long gone beyond just a fragrant piece of wax with a wick. Today, this is already a whole culture about which you can write essays and be an expert on the style of aroma candles or a specialist in the selection of high-quality decor.
  5. Color. Don’t write it off as it is also responsible for our sense of smell. How to choose the best men’s candles without them? Agree, picking up a pale green specimen, we deliberately set ourselves up that when it burns, a coniferous extravaganza, the smell of juicy grass, or a mint note would certainly be present there. When buying an airy pink product, we also expect to hear at least a sweet-fruity plume or an equally popular floral arrangement.

As a rule, in stores, you would be surely asked: “For what occasion do you want to buy men candles?” and this is also an important criterion. If the previous ones concern exclusively functional advantages, then further we need emotions to get maximum pleasure and use the smell of a candle for its intended purpose. The scent of candle scents for men can enhance the sensations or, conversely, kill all pleasant emotions, revive memories or make the further stay in the room unbearable. Emotions are such a delicate tool that it is significant to pay no less attention to them than to the selection of the shape, color, and composition of the candle.

So it is important to pay attention to the character and temperament of a man. If you are a light and cheerful person, light or bright fresh masculine scents fragrances are perfect for him. If you are a more serious man who is confident and hot, then you can choose even more interesting and spicy aromas of manly candles, which would attract not only you but also everyone who would be in your home.

Best Candles for Men’s Apartment

And so, now let’s get down to the fun part. We have selected a few best smelling candles for men that every man should like, and can give a special charge and energy:

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

men candles

This is our personal favorite, the best tobacco candle and not only. This rich and distinctive vanilla scent would scent incredibly in your apartment, adding even more luxury. And the smell of tobacco isn’t the same as from cigarettes or cigars, it isn’t an intrusive smell and emphasizes vanilla sweetness.

Balsam & Cedar by Yankee Candle Masculine Scents

candles for men

The fresh forest scent of masculine candle scents, with subtle notes of citrus and red berries, would take you from the daily hustle and bustle to the forest. The finish would be delicate with vanilla and musk aroma, which would further relax you.

Big Sky Scented Candle by LAFCO

best candles for men

Spicy and daring, but at the same time with a subtle aroma of tenderness candles for men. Top notes of clove and ale complement the delicate aroma of cognac, and patchouli slips at the end. What could be more interesting?

Cowboy Kush by Boy Smells

masculine candles

In this special scent, you can feel the wild mood of the incendiary rodeo. Subtle notes of suede and saffron complement each other, finishing with notes of grass tubers and patchouli. Feel like a real cowboy in the saddle!

Ernesto Candle by Cire Trudon

best men’s candles

And this scent is perfect for serious men. Woody notes, together with the rich smell of tobacco and skin tones, are gently covered with the scent of bergamot and strong rum. We are sure that in your office this cologne candle would be more appropriate than ever.

Old Fashioned Candle  by Saint Fragrance

manly scented candles

In these him’s candles, they were able to combine old tastes with a new look of modernity. The aromas of leather and Egyptian violet and Bulgarian rose oil create a warm atmosphere, which is complemented by a subtle note of glowing coals.

’85 Diesel Candle by D.S. & Durga

masculine scents

The scent of the best candles for men would take you on a short trip out of town with the tones of the leather of car seats, earth, smoke, and diesel fuel, and the scent of nature would perfectly complement the saffron. Enjoy the scent as if you were driving a retro car somewhere in the field.

Road To Port Harcourt by Our Lovely Goods

manly smelling candles

The harsh scent of bergamot and black pepper with spicy notes of wood would inspire you to show your inner wild nature. Feel yourself on the wild streets of hot Nigeria for a few hours with cool candles for guys.

Elementary Candle by Earl Of East London

cologne candle

Another great masculine candle scent combinations are to complement your home atmosphere with subtle hints of tobacco and amber for a luxury ambiance. Lovers of the atmosphere of England would certainly appreciate this scent.

Mellow Candle by Eym

candle scents for men

The fresh natural scent of earth and vetivert would fill you with the depth and strength of the forest, and would also remind you of the gentle embrace of your father, which would remind you of the delicate scent of lavender.

Last Light Candle by The Nomad Society

best tobacco candle

The scent would take you to that very last warm summer night. Notes of amber wood and moss would take you to the brink between day and night, where you can open yourself to the fullest.

HAV by Skandinavisk

men's cologne candles

Take yourself to the North Atlantic for a few moments. Feel the very scent of the Scandinavian coast and the freshness of the sea wave. The fragrance would be incredible for lovers of watery scents and seas.

Garrett Scented Candle by Ralph Lauren

best manly candles

The bright and fresh aroma of men’s cologne candles would take you on a holiday on a sunny day. Notes of cucumber and basil can immerse you in your carefree youth a few years ago.

Topanga Scented Candle by Norden Goods

masculine smelling candles

Perhaps these are the best candles for men’s bedrooms. Return to your natural roots with the fresh and vibrant scent of smoky sage, citrus, and real forest. Nature lovers, this would become your favorite scent.

Agapé Candle by SOH Melbourne

cool candles for guys

A fragrance for self-confident men who aren’t afraid of anything and keep themselves in harmony with the outside world. Notes of rum with hints of wood are soothing, while leather and patchouli fix this scent in your apartment, leaving the whole special atmosphere for several hours.

City Of Night Votive Candle by Tatine

male candle scents

An unusual scent that would appeal to many courageous men. The resin and aromas of forest conifers would immerse you in a little trance, which would make you plunge into a kind of trance. Light floral notes with hints of leather and strong whiskey perfectly complement the top notes.

Bacon & Bourbon Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Co.

best candles for men bedroom

Masculine-smelling candles combined the aromas of a real man. At first glance, the completely different smells of bacon and bourbon in this candle just complement each other. The alluring and sweet scent of maple syrup complements this whole special picture.

Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Scented Candle by NEST

scented candles for guys

A fragrance that would perfectly suit every man’s apartment to create a warm winter festive atmosphere. The sweetness of the pumpkin is incredibly complemented by the small spice of masala chai. No, this isn’t the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven, this is pumpkin, which is stewed for a long time on the stove in various spices.

Mulled Cider Scent by Wax and Wick

best candles for men's apartment

Another incredible shade for maintaining the Christmas atmosphere in your home. It’s just the perfect smell of midnight while watching your favorite movie. The smell of gingerbread cookies mulled wine with caramel would take you there for the next 1-2 hours, while the candle is burning.

Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle by Northern Lights

best candles for guys

Finally, the brightest masculine scent you can smell at home. Become a real gentleman with a glass of whiskey smoking a cigar. You would feel how these vibrant notes of tobacco and alcohol are complemented by ginger and tonka beans, creating a true masterpiece among the scents. Surely most of our best manly candles according to the description you would like because many of them radiate masculine strength, attraction, and luxury. And if you want to add something special, then get masculine fragrance oils for candles, which can complement and enhance the smell of a candle several times over. In this case, the smell would be radiated to the entire apartment, without exception. Just try it as you become a true fan of scented candles for guys.

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