Olympic Champion Chloe Kim Announced That Will Miss the 2022/2023 Season

chloe kim will relax 2022 2023 season

22-year-old two-time Olympic champion Chloe Kim, who used to represent the United States, announced that will miss the 2022/2023 season. The woman decided to relax from the competition to restore her mental health.

Kim described her solution was made due to her not stable mental health. She just wants to reboot. Last year was very busy and exhausting and the woman doesn’t want to jump right back into it. She chose to enjoy her free time, take it all in, and then come back in the condition when she will feel ready. Now her plan is definitely to win a third Olympic medal.

To remind you, the American became the youngest woman to win Olympic gold in snowboarding. She took her gold in the halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics at 17 and defended the title in Beijing earlier this year. It is not the first time when the athlete takes a break. After the 2018 Games, the woman similarly decided to focus on her studies and mental health.

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