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Chris Weidman Lost to Uriah Hall in 17 Seconds after the UFC 261 Start Breaking the Leg


Chris Weidman suffered a terrible injury during UFC 261. The American’s leg broke literally in half after his own low kick. And thus Uriah Hall became the only fighter in UFC history who won without a single hit. 

Interestingly, in 2013, the legendary Anderson Silva received exactly the same injury, who then fought against Weidman. Silva was taken to the hospital right from the arena, where he immediately underwent surgery. Recovery lasted a year, but with the help of steroids.

Weidman has not played since August 2020 and was looking forward to this fight. But unfortunately for the 36-year-old veteran, the rematch with Hall turned out to be practically the end of his career. And Uraya didn’t even need to do anything for this, except for a block of one low-kick. The battle ended 17 seconds after the start: Weidman was the first low to hit the defense, after which Chris’s leg badly broke. During the fight, only Weidman hit: in addition to the fatal low, there was another attempt to punch in the head, but the punch turned out to be inaccurate. But Hall never hit and became the first fighter in UFC history to win without a hit.

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