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Christian Bale Will Appear on the Screens as the Main Villain of Thor

christian bale

Surprised photos, related to the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder, which were recently released give us an opportunity to look at Christian Bale with an unexpected transformation for his new role. The actor returned to the superhero genre for the series to the 2017 bestseller Thor: Ragnarok.

Due to the absolute privacy of the production of Marvel Studios, fans rarely get to see even one of their future projects. But fortunately this time, observant paparazzi noticed and photographed Bale, who showed himself as the main villain of Thor. The actor who previously played Batman was noticed with a shaved head as Gorr, a villain who is obsessed with killing all the gods in the multiverse. This forces Thor to unite with different versions of himself in order to prevent Gorr and stop his mission. Gorr is a relatively new villain who first appeared on screens in the 2012 film Thor God of Thunder.

Despite the unexpected transformation, we still have to see a lot of makeup and other computer graphics to complete the full look. In the 4 part of the Thor series, Natalie Portman will appear to play the new goddess of thunder, and Tessa Thompson will return as the new ruler of Asgard. Thor: Love and Thunder will appear in cinemas on February 11, 2022.

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