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Cocktails with Absinthe: What Should You Know about Them?

cocktails with absinthe

Dear hard-drink lover! We are here to boom your mind with a new article about cocktails with absinthe! We have gathered the best cocktails ever made! Continue reading to know more about it! We would like to write about cocktails on What Men Like to make you love it even more! Everything depends on your activity.

Absinthe drinks are a strong alcoholic beverage containing at least 72% alcohol. One of the most important components of absinthe is an extract of bitter wormwood. In modern bar culture, absinthe is one of the most important ingredients for cocktails.

How do you drink absinthe and are the ways to drink absinthe? Are you certain you’re doing it right? Do you drink absinthe often? Today we take a look at the most delicious absinthe drinks and our list of absinthe drink recipes.

List of Drinks: Absinthe Is the Main Ingredient

absinthe drinks

Grandeur Nature

It is a traditional absinthe drink.


  • 25 ml vodka;
  • Grand Absinthe 40 ml;
  • 5 ml lime juice;
  • 4-5 citronella leaves;
  • 3-4 slices of fresh cucumber;
  • 1 teaspoon caster sugar.

How to make: crush cucumber, sugar, and citronella applying a pestle pusher. Mix the rest of the components, fill the glass with ice. Mix again.

Mojito Absinthe

Go further to know more about drinks made with absinthe. You and your lady will like it!


  • 25 ml of Grand Absinthe;
  • 25 ml Cuban white rum;
  • 1 teaspoon red sugar cane;
  • Half a diced lime;
  • Fresh mint leaves.

How to make: crush the lime and mint with a pestle. Fill a glass with ice and mix up with Grande Absente. Add mint and stir everything. It is a perfect drink with absinthe.

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An easy way to make a romantic dinner into an all-night-love story. It is one of the most popular drinks with absinthe among lovers!


  • 10 ml squeezed lime;
  • 30 ml of Grand Absinthe;
  • 40 ml green apple liqueur.

Combine the ingredients in a shaker and serve chilled. Add mint and stir everything.

How Do You Drink Absinthe?

drink with absinthe

Leave a comment below to tell your favorite hard drink! We want to see your thoughts and recipes!

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